Laporta: the European Super League project is not dead yet

Barcelona: Barcelona president Joan Laporta has confirmed that the European Super League project is not dead yet, despite the withdrawal of most of his club founders at the beginning of quest’year. The European Club Association confirmed last month that nine of the 12 club they had regained membership after joining the European Super League separatist proposal before the project collapsed, while Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus remain outside the association. The three club they did not accept a return to the League, which represents the interests of the club professional teams of the European Union (UEFA), as it clings to the hope of relaunching the project after the failed launch last April. Laporta said Barcelona still hope to revive the idea. “The project is not dead yet,” he added. The three club who defend the project win all cause brought before the courts. The European Union (UEFA) cannot stop the plan. The pressure on club Brits behind the proposal had no effect. But I admit that the project could have been presented in better way”. (Reuters)

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