Larissa Dos Santos Lima writes a sweet letter to her former mother-in-law – apologizes and tries to make peace

After finalizing her divorce from Colt Johnson, 90 Days Fiance star Larissa Dos Santos Lima is ready to officially leave her bad past behind! That said, before trying to start over, she wanted to admit her fault for the “big mistakes” she made with her ex-stepmother, Debbie Johnson.

Well, fans believe she’s talking about Colt’s mom, but Larissa herself left no names, only mentioning that the message was for “a former family member”.

Those who followed their story on the TLC show know all too well how tumultuous their short-lived relationship was.

Their romance ended in January, when the man filed for divorce after only seven months of living together.

Before their separation, Larissa was actually arrested for domestic battery, so there were no surprises when things ended.

In addition, she and Colt’s mother would continue to fight on the series, without ever really getting along.

But as a new year is fast approaching, the 33-year-old woman is ready to officially close this chapter and start a new one – without drama.

On this subject, she wrote in part: “I want 2020 to be a year or a renewal and to cleanse all the bad energy from my past. There were really negative trips back and forth between me and a former family member. I don’t want to fight with her, because it’s a thing of the past. “

Larissa continued to take responsibility for her mistakes, saying that she was “ sorry ” and that “ I paid for my mistakes by law in accordance with the court, but I am sorry with my soul for my role in the breakdown of the family. I have very fond memories of her and when I think of them, I smile. When I think about things, apart from the negative, I recognize a charming woman whom I admire. I don’t hate her. For a short time we were a family. “


Finally, she thanked her fans for all the support and begged them not to send hate to Debbie, saying that she wanted to make peace.

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