Las Vegas Hospitality Workers End Strike, NLRB Rules Dartmouth Basketball Players Can Unionize, and German Transportation Workers Continue Press for Better Wages

Las Vegas was on the brink of chaos as hospitality workers prepared to strike, threatening to disrupt the city’s bustling atmosphere in the lead-up to the highly anticipated Super Bowl. However, tensions eased as the Nevada Culinary Workers Union Local 226 reached tentative agreements with six hotel-casinos in Downtown Las Vegas, avoiding a potential work stoppage. With the upcoming Super Bowl expected to bring 330,000 people to the city, the timing of the strike would have had significant impact on the local economy. The union is yet to secure an agreement with Virgin Hotels Las Vegas but has agreed to extend talks in a bid to prevent a strike. President Biden even met with union members, displaying his support for their cause as part of his campaign trail leading up to the Democratic primary in Nevada.

In a landmark decision, the National Labor Relations Board granted Dartmouth College basketball players the right to unionize. This ruling follows an NLRB memorandum from 2021, which urged the classification of college athletes as employees under the National Labor Relations Act. The decision comes amid a wider debate over the treatment of student-athletes within the college athletics industry, with the NLRB previously filing a complaint against the University of Southern California for obstructing the rights of basketball and football players to unionize.

Meanwhile, German transportation workers are not backing down in their demand for improved wages and working conditions. Ground staff for Lufthansa airlines are set to launch a one-day strike, following in the footsteps of airport security staff who participated in a one-day strike across 11 airports, causing widespread flight cancellations and delays. The transportation industry in Germany has been fraught with labor actions, with train drivers recently staging a six-day strike and truck drivers calling for improvements in road infrastructure. The upcoming strike by Lufthansa ground staff is part of a coordinated effort to push for a 12.5% wage increase or a €500 monthly pay raise, along with a one-time inflation payment of €3,000. This ongoing turmoil within the transportation sector reflects the unwavering determination of workers to secure fair compensation for their efforts.

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