Last chance to have a month of Visible wireless for only $ 5

We wrote about Visible wireless before and also how you can get prepaid unlimited service from Verizon for up to $ 25 per month. This time the deal gets even sweeter, with the first month of Visible which only costs $ 5 when you sign up with an eSIM using promo code eSIM5. Offer ends July 29.

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Last chance to have a month of Visible wireless for    only $ 5


What is an eSIM?

A built-in subscriber identification form, or eSIM, allows connect the phone to a mobile phone network. Unlike the removable SIM cards, an eSIM is already built in your newer mobile Phone. These allow your switch cell vectors more easily without having to change SIM cards. Check if your phone is compatible.

To be sure to check out other offers visible for new and existing customers, such as free year of Calm down, free Google Pixel Buds with the purchase of CNET favorite budget phone and referral discount when you bring a friend.

Use the code eSIM5 checkout to get yours first month for only $ 5 to Visible. A eSIM-compatible the phone is required. Also, you also get $ 50 gift card as a bonus if you bring your number over a Visible. Visible offers gift cards from a variety of merchants such as Amazon, Best Buy, Chevron and more. Offer ends July 29.

New members can get a subscription to Calm, one of CNET favorite Mindfulness and sleep meditation aids, for a whole year (valued at $ 70) when they join. to qualify you have to bring in your number from another operator e purchase a new device. You will be eligible after paying for the first month of service. Finds more details here.

The Motorola One 5G Ace is one solid budget 5G phone, according to CNET’s Patrick Holland. In his review, praised the performance of the hardware, the cameras and a battery life that can exceed the phones that cost two or three times a lot. “At $ 400 it was a good bargain, but you can order one a Visible for only $ 288. As a bonus, you will do it also take a couple of Google Pixel Buds after activation. Don’t forget the $ 50 gift card when you bring your number over, or the free one year of Calm.

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Visible has recently updated its postponement program to give both of them the referent and the referee per month for $ 5. Current members can invite up to 12 friends and potentially get a whole year of service for a minimum of $ 60. Simply share your unique Bring a friend code and you will earn credits each time a buddy signs up. After that promotional month, well sure to check out how to set up or join a visible party and keep the savings.

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