Last Minute Stocking Stuffers: Switch Accessories, Baby Yoda and More

Console packages and high-end accessories are great gifts, of course, but when it comes to reward gifts, gift items, and even exchanging gifts for White Elephant or Secret Santa, there is a lot of cheap garbage. We are here to help.

We have summarized some suggestions for small gifts that fit perfectly in a stocking or that can be given away with a larger gift. Whether you’re shopping for kids who still believe in Santa Claus or for your Secret Santa work, here are some last minute suggestions.

Cute gear

Clothing aimed at gamers is often … a lot. There are sweet things though, if you’re ready to dig a bit. I am a special fan of the simple embroidered hats that show off your favorite characters and franchisees without appearing so glaring.

Unfortunately, Untitled Goose Game’s official socks are reordered until January, but some gifts are only so good that it’s worth printing a picture to serve as an IOU.

Mini arcade games

Tiny arcade cabinets are nothing new, but we’ve found some that are of particularly good quality. But be warned: once unpacked, your Christmas party is likely to be a choppy family tournament.

Useful accessories

If you’re giving away a video game console this year, or just know someone who’s a keen gamer, there are plenty of cheap game accessories on the market that are great for stockings.

KontrolFreek’s performance thumbcaps are a great option for those who play a lot of first person shooters. They add extra height and texture to the controller’s joysticks, increasing response time and accuracy.

8BitDo is also a great place to look for inexpensive yet useful accessories. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players will particularly appreciate the Gbros. Adapter that connects the GameCube controller wirelessly to the Nintendo Switch.

D&D books for young adventurers

Dungeons & Dragons is currently experiencing a huge boom. There are many books for children who are just getting interested in role-playing games (or for young parents who want to spark this interest).

Indie publishing house Ten Speed ​​Press has revised the basic D&D rules for primary school children. Warriors and Weapons covers creating and role playing a character, Monsters and Creatures is like a simplified monster manual, and Dungeons and Tombs explains the world of D&D and how interesting dungeons are created.

For preschool children there are always the charming picture books, ABCs from D & D and 123s from D & D.

Gooseneck gadget holder

If the mobile gamers in your life need to shorten game times due to hand cramps or neck strain, a neck-mounted device holder is a useful (if somewhat silly) tool. You are welcome to print out our article with his praise and stick it on the packaging.

A gooseneck holder mounted on a desk serves the same purpose for switch players.

Baby Yoda something

Baby Yoda has conquered our hearts, but the fear of spoilers prevented toys from being released in time for the holidays. Still, there are plenty of t-shirts that a baby Yoda fan should keep until the plush toys and funko-pops arrive this spring. You could even look forward to a glossy 8×10 print of the most memorable moment of the year – Baby Yoda sipping a cup as if he were on Big Little Lies.

gift Cards

Don’t rethink it! You have gotten a bad name, but the free cash that you can spend in your loved one’s favorite shop is an absolutely reputable gift. The more specific, the better – for example, a gift card for the custom miniature maker Hero Forge is a great gift for a tabletop RPG hobbyist. A gift voucher for the digital game store of your choice is a good idea, but some stores even carry cards for certain games with a download code that is printed directly on the receipt.

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