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Launch a competitiveness plan in Saudi Arabia. Reforms in step with global developments


Saudi Minister of Commerce and Chairman of the National Competitiveness Center Board, Dr Majid bin Abdullah Al-Qasabi, announced the centre’s new work plan aimed at implementing reforms that would allow the competitive environment to keep pace with new global trends based on productivity, sustainability and inclusiveness, in so that the Kingdom is among the ten most competitive countries globally by 2030.

Al-Qasabi said at the 200th meeting of the Executive Committee for Improving and Stimulating Business Performance in the Private Sector, the Centre’s “Tayseer”, that the new plan stems from the Crown Prince’s directions for transitioning to a productivity economy. and global competitiveness, in addition to this it is a passage from the phase of facilitation of the entrepreneurial environment to a phase of global competitiveness in all its fields, in when it coincides with the second phase of the realization process of the Vision of the Kingdom 2030.

He stressed that the Kingdom’s achievement of many milestones and achievements has formed a fundamental basis for working on a new generation of reforms that would increase the ability of businesses to benefit from a stimulating business environment, especially since the center has established important committees. to drive competitiveness reforms in the “industry, agriculture, services and technology” sectors. “The systems and working methods in the facilities will be updated to meet the needs of the local and global market and manufacturing developments and support the development of manpower and skills to increase productivity to achieve sustainable development goals, according to the agency. of the Saudi press “SPA”.

Al-Qasabi indicated that the next phase will adopt the pillars of competitiveness “productivity, sustainability and inclusiveness”, in response to global developments, and the lessons learned from the Corona pandemic, which have demonstrated the fundamental role of productivity in sustainable development, as well as the global transformation towards a green economy and its attractiveness for investments that take into account standard Environmental, social and governance “ESG” practices.

For his part, Dr. Iman Al-Mutairi, Deputy Minister of Commerce and CEO of the Center, stressed that the new action plan is part of the results achieved in the last period, which have been the implementation of over 600 reforms in the legislative and procedural aspects which guided the development of the entrepreneurial system and increased the competitiveness of the Kingdom.

Al-Mutairi added that the National Competitiveness Center, since its inception, has been monitoring the challenges facing the private sector from various channels and works in integration with more than 60 government agencies to address them according to best practices, underlining that the Kingdom’s pursuit of global competitiveness is the main driver of the new generation of reforms, keeping up with developments and anticipating the changes that will affect in future on the competitiveness of various sectors.

It indicated that the center works on public and private sector adoption of research-based innovation, establishing methods of sustainability and growth and effective use of resources, in order to achieve inclusivity based on the involvement of social groups in economic cycles and on the development of all regions to help build a promising and sustainable future that strengthens the Kingdom’s global competitiveness.

It is worth noting that the “Tayseer” committee was established in 2016 AD and 70 members of Excellencies and leaders of government agencies and the private sector, represented by the Federation of Saudi Chambers, participate in its work. And in the year 2019, it was annexed to the National Competitiveness Center, which was established to achieve the goals of the Kingdom Vision 2030 as one of the initiatives of the National Transformation Program.

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