Launch of a monthly subscription system for the artificial intelligence application “ChatGPT”.. This is its value!

OpenAI has officially launched a new $20/month ChatGPT Plus subscription system that gives users priority access to the AI ​​chatbot, even during peak hours in which free users have to wait.

The company also said the plan would give subscribers “faster response times” and “priority access to new features and improvements,” according to the website “The Verge,” which was viewed by “News Agency”.

OpenAI said it will send invitations to the service to people in the US who are in waiting list “in the coming weeks” and that in future will extend the rollout to other countries and regions.

Up until a little over a week ago, OpenAI appeared to be offering the Plus, or professional, version of the service for $42 a month, a significantly higher price and difficult to justify for those who don’t make money from the service. However, at $20 a month, it could be available to a wide range of people, including students and businesses who need reliable access to AI-generated text.

Given the rapid spread of the ChatGPT AI application, a $20 subscription could establish it standard for the next paid AI chatbots that will almost certainly start entering the market, so any application in arrival should show significant advantages if it wants to. above this price.

The new subscription system does not mean that ChatGPT will only become a paid tool. OpenAI said it will continue to offer free access to the service, and that the subscription system for some users will help support free access to as many people as possible.

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