Laura Dern talks about aging, natural beauty and why she posts selfies without makeup on Instagram

Laura Dern spoke about her point of view on ageism, beauty and aging in an industry which, for years, has endorsed female youth and beauty. In addition, Laura explained why she posts selfies without makeup on social networks, especially on her Instagram account, where she has 724,000 subscribers. Laura spoke to InStyle magazine for their latest issue where she spoke about her opinions and also explained why she chose not to go under the knife. Born into a Hollywood family, it is obvious that Laura focuses more on substance and character than on outward appearance: she has her parents, Diane Ladd and Bruce Dern, and David Lynch muse Isabella Rossellini for that.

Laura has had examples of women close to her who are aging in Hollywood. Her mother Diane Ladd recently celebrated her 82nd birthday. Isabella, with whom she has a very close friendship, is 67 years old. Hollywood is starting to change its perspective on women in the industry and while there is a lot of work to be done, it is clear that Laura thinks that challenging industry views on age is part of the battle fought.

Speaking of showing her unfiltered, makeup-free face on Instagram, Laura Dern said the following.

“It would be unfortunate if other women or my daughter saw me disguising what I looked like. The beauty of becoming an actor is to transform or reveal parts of yourself. In one movie, you look radically young or glamorous, and in another, you look radically young or glamorous, and in another, you look old or like a hot mess. With social media, people get a “brand image” and it’s easy to reinvent it. But not everything should be “Look how amazing my life is: it’s always easy and the sun always shines.” There is a lot to do in the world, and the more transparent and authentic we are, the more we are going to do . “

You can see a photo of Laura Dern with her parents below.

Laura Dern also talked about her friendship with Isabella and how she learned a lot from growing old.


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