Lauren London unveils a stunning new hairstyle and turns pain into power as she pays tribute to Nipsey Hussle in this video

Lauren London paid a moving tribute to her late boyfriend, rapper Nipsey Hussle, who was murdered on March 31 of this year.

The 35-year-old actress, who is crying for her deceased life partner, appeared in a new Puma video campaign called “Forever Stronger”.

In the pictures, Lauren, who started a new hairstyle, can be seen walking around Crenshaw, the Los Angeles neighborhood where Nipsey spent her childhood and reciting a piece of poetry from rapper sister Samantha Smith .

In a sad voice, Lauren quoted a few lines from the poem, saying, “Pain is light, pain is insight. The body hurts, but the spirit grows. The flesh dies of hunger while wisdom overflows, “and she continued:” I have a question that only the Lord knows: does life give birth to us twice? ”

The campaign video was uploaded to YouTube and the description indicated that the actress was proud to partner with Puma in this next chapter of her journey and congratulated Lauren for the creative vision she had brought to the production .

The romantic relationship between Nipsey and Lauren began in 2013, and the two welcomed their son, Kross Ermias Asghedom, in August, three years later. Besides the son, they share; each of them has a child from a previous relationship.

It seems Laurenn is planning to continue what her lover had started in the past since Nipsey was a major Puma ambassador while he was still alive.

Earlier this year, the sports brand partnered with the rapper’s clothing brand, The Marathon Continued, and created a new line that hit stores in September.

One fan said, “Wow !! God !! It really comes, sister !!! It gives me even more chills just to see these pictures. So glad to see your message. You are daily in my prayers. ???????????? ”

Another commenter shared: “The pain is a preview. The body hurts, but the spirit grows. ”POWER ????you were chosen to keep it pressed, the perfect person for the queen queen task Go head, little girl !! We are proud of you. I’m sure he smiles at you.

A third social media user said, “I’m so proud of you that I feel like I haven’t seen your face forever. Your strength is inspiring, and the poem has been beautifully written … You all did that tenant ️???????? holding down proud is an understatement. “

A fourth disciple wrote: The body hurts, but the spirit grows. I felt that. Transforming pain into power ????????????. “


Lauren carries the torch in a powerful way.

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