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Lavrov calls on the United Nations to facilitate Russian exports of food and fertilizers

Moscow called on the United Nations on Thursday, which sponsored an agreement allowing the export of Ukrainian grain shipments to lift the Russian blockade of its Black Sea ports, to help implement parts of the deal aimed at facilitating Russian exports of food and fertilizers.

On Wednesday, Russia resumed its participation in the initiative after a four-day hiatus, which eased pressure on food prices and reduced fears of a renewed global food crisis, according to “Reuters”.

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The initiative will expire on November 19th. Moscow has made it clear that it believes not enough has been done to ensure it can export its massive food and fertilizer production despite the flurry of Western sanctions imposed. in response to his invasion of Ukraine.

“We still do not see any results regarding a second aspect, namely the removal of obstacles to the export of Russian fertilizers and cereals,” said Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. in a press conference in Amman, in Jordan.

“We have once again asked the UN Secretary-General for confirmation that he is fulfilling the obligations he has agreed through his initiative,” Lavrov added. Lavrov went on to say that this should be fixed “in a very near future “.

“If we are talking about the quantities of fertilizers and cereals involved, the quantities of the Russian side are incomparably greater than the Ukrainian side,” Lavrov said.

Russian agricultural exports are not explicitly subject to sanctions imposed by the United States, the European Union and others, but Moscow says it faces serious obstacles due to restrictions on its financial, logistics and insurance sectors.

The initiative, mediated by Turkey and the United Nations, was agreed in July and has a duration of 120 days.

Thursday, in In response to the question of whether Russia’s decision to return to the agreement means it is ready to accept an extension, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said: “No, that doesn’t mean that.”

“You need to evaluate … how all aspects of the agreement are implemented, all parameters of the agreements and then make a decision,” he added.

Russia suspended its participation after an attack on its seaport of Sevastopol in Crimea, but returned to the agreement on Wednesday after providing little guarantee in exchange, promising that it would not hinder shipments from Ukraine to Turkey even if it retreated again.

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