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Lavrov looked at the resentment of the media . and only one network liked it!

THE media they often play an active role in covering up wars and conflicts in Worldwide. While some media they are firmly aligned with one part, many take the same distance from everyone, maintaining their neutrality.

However, the Ukrainian-Russian conflict has opened the door to many campaigns of distortion and mutual disinformation between the two sides, its tools are often the social mediabut officials from the two countries also presented a different story, both on political developments and on the ground events.

But Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has another opinion, as he has repeatedly criticized the coverage of the media of the military operation launched by his country on the territory of the western neighbor.

tricks and tricks

He has made harsh criticisms in several press conferences in precedence against i media Americans, so that he could not refrain from describing some of them as paid.

In the past few hours, a new video of the ferocious head of Russian diplomacy has been released, criticizing the media Westerners for coverage of what is happening in Ukraine.

In an interview in to Russia Today, Lavrov stressed that his country has long since implemented the “games and tricks that the West uses to manipulate media”.

“Fox News Alone”!

“We are fully aware that they do not exist media independent Westerners, “he said, adding that in the United States” there is only Fox News “which presents a narrative that is different from the mainstream.

Interestingly, the American network, which often broadcasts critical views on Democratic President Joe Biden’s policy, was a staunch ally of former President Donald Trump.

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