Lavrov: Our demands in negotiations with Ukraine are minimal!

While the negotiations between the Ukrainian and Russian sides continue in their fourth roundRussian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov accused the United States of influencing the Ukrainian government.

In a speech delivered today, Saturday, to the participants of the international track of the “Leaders of Russia “, Lavrov said that the participation of the Ukrainian delegation was initially” formal “, but then” the issue improved “, underlining that his country’s requests were” few “, as he defined it.

Furthermore, he believed that sooner or later NATO would understand that it had to be “realistic”.

“We had no choice!”

He also added that talks aimed at reaching a political solution between the two countries that would put an end to the conflict “are moving forward despite the obstacles”.

Furthermore, he justified the military operation launched by Blah, saying: “We had no choice”. And he believed that Russia was in able, through that process, to interrupt the “anti-Western project”.

Sooner or later NATO will understand that it has to be “realistic”.


He also noted that Moscow has always supported the resolution of all issues through diplomatic means, adding that Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed, after Moscow began its military operations. in Ukraine, to President Zelensky’s proposal to start negotiations on pace. He added that the participation of the Ukrainian delegation at the beginning was not that required.

He accused Washington of preventing Kiev from accepting Russian minimum demands made in the negotiations.

question of impartiality

Interestingly, Moscow has repeatedly announced in recent days that the two sides are close to an agreement regarding Kiev’s neutral status, which questlast denied.

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This point is a fundamental question for both sides. While the Kremlin insists on demilitarizing its western neighbor and making it a neutral country like Sweden or Austria to stop military operations, Kiev adheres to the question of its sovereignty and its freedom to join international blocs such as the European Union and the BORN. However, Russia sees this as a “red line” that directly threatens its security.

Interestingly, negotiations between the two countries began on February 28, 4 days after the launch of the Russian military operation, but have not yet led to political arrangements that put an end to the conflict.

While the Ukrainian delegation has described it more than once as difficult and complicated, especially between the differences of opinion between the two countries.

So far 4 have taken place roundthe first at the Belarusian border, while the second and third at the Polish border, and the fourth which has been going on for 6 days in video, while the two sides continue to respect their conditions.

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