Lavrov: There is still no agreement on a meeting between Putin and Biden

With the escalation of tension between the two countries due to the build-up of Russian military forces on the border with Ukraine, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov revealed today Sunday that Moscow and Washington have not yet agreed on a meeting between President Vladimir Putin and American Joe Biden after their previous meeting via video.

Lavrov also blamed Ukraine, saying “Kiev has no intention of implementing the Minsk agreements”, stressing that it should be forced to do so.

Furthermore, he accused Paris and Berlin of neglecting their obligations under the “Normandy” formula in influencing Kiev in the implementation of the Minsk II accords.

And Jennifer Psaki, the White House press officer, announced Saturday that Biden will hold a video call with Putin on Tuesday. in which will address US concerns about Russian military activities on the Ukrainian border.

Moscow has requested the call

“The president will reaffirm Washington’s support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity,” he added, noting that Moscow had requested a video call.

Yesterday the Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov referred to this contact, saying that “the two presidents will decide how long their conversation will last”.

Interestingly, the last public call between the two leaders was last July (2021), when Biden pressured Putin to curb the Moscow-based hacking gangs, which have launched attacks on states. United.

Russian forces near the Ukrainian border (Archive - Reuters)
Russian forces near the Ukrainian border (Archive – Reuters)


This is when Russia insists more than ever that the US ensures Ukraine does not join NATO.

But Jens Stoltenberg, the alliance secretary general, said last week that Russia has no voice in chapter in the plans for the accession of other countries to the alliance.

US diplomats and former NATO officials also confirmed Biden would not accept tale Russian request.

Interestingly, Russian-American and European relations have seen, in recent weeks, an escalation of tension against the backdrop of the Ukrainian file, the Belarusian border and other files.

While US intelligence has confirmed, according to the Associated Press, that Moscow has mobilized some 70,000 troops near the Ukrainian border and has begun planning a possible invasion early next year.

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