Lavrov warns of a “real” danger of a third world war

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Monday that Moscow will continue the talks pace with Kiev, which he accused of “pretending” to negotiate, warning of a “real” danger of a third world war.

Lavrov said, according to Russian news agencies, that “good intentions have limits. If they are not reciprocal, this does not help the negotiation process”, adding: “But we are continuing negotiations with the team authorized by (Ukrainian President Volodymyr) Zelensky and these communications will continue.

He also accused the Ukrainian president of “pretending” to negotiate, adding: “He is a good actor . If you look carefully and read carefully what he says, you will find a thousand contradictions”.

‘grave danger’

He also warned of the “real” danger of a third world war in the context of the unprecedented tensions between Moscow and the West due to the Russian military operation. in Ukraine. “The danger is serious and real and cannot be underestimated,” she said, according to Interfax.

As for the conflict in Ukraine, stressed that he was confident that “obviously everything will end with the signing of an agreement”, but stressed: “But the terms of this agreement will depend on the situation of the fighting on the ground”.

Not interested anymore?

These statements come when 3 people who spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed that questThe latter is no longer interested in political efforts for a political solution to end the crisis, but rather his goal is now to achieve significant military progress on Ukrainian soil, according to the Financial Times newspaper.

They also saw that Putin was seriously considering reaching an agreement pace with Ukraine, especially after the developments on the ground he witnessed last month, he sees no prospect for a close deal, especially after Ukraine sank the “Moskva” ship in the black sea.

The same sources also indicated that the hope that existed to reach a final agreement went back and forth after the sinking of the most famous Russian cruiser, as Putin refused any initiative.

“To gain some time”

Interestingly, Kiev has long been skeptical of Putin’s engagement in the talks paceseeing him with his Western allies only as a way to buy time.

And on Sunday, the Ukrainian presidency announced that it had proposed to Russia to hold negotiations near the Azovstal industrial complex in Mariupol (southeast), where Ukrainian soldiers and civilians are still holed up after most of the city is under Russian control.

“We invited the Russians to hold a special negotiation session near the Azovstal site,” said Oleksiy Aristovich, an advisor to the Ukrainian president, noting that the Ukrainian side “was waiting for a response” from the Russian delegation, according to the AFP.

reciprocal terms

It is interesting to note that since the first days of the launch of the Russian military operation on the territory of the western neighbor, on February 24, talks between the two sides have begun and several rounddirectly or via Internet, in order to reach a solution that would establish the pace between the two countries, but none of those meetings reached a conclusion. Political results still.

While Moscow adheres to the impartiality of its western neighbor, disrupting its efforts to join NATO, as well as depriving it of the weapons that threaten its security, Kiev requires multiple international guarantees to stop any future Russian attacks on its territory.

It also refuses to give up its sovereignty over the country’s eastern regions or to recognize Russia’s annexation of Crimea.

Recent military developments on the ground have hindered and interrupted these negotiations, especially after the accelerated operations in Mariupol and in the east of the country.

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