Lavrov: We are used to sanctions and we no longer trust the West

In light of the unprecedented escalation between your country and the West due to the Russian military operation in Ukraine, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov confirmed that his country no longer has illusions related to dependence on the West.

He also announced in statements to the press today, Friday, that Moscow no longer sees the West as a reliable partner, adding that his country has not closed its doors to Western countries, but the latter have, according to reports from Reuters.

Furthermore, he stressed that Russia would never accept a vision of a world dominated by the United States, which wants to act as a global policeman.

‘Used with penalties’

As for the Western sanctions imposed on his country, he felt that since 2014 he is used to this approach. He added that these sanctions are aimed at isolating and discouraging Russia, but will make it stronger, as he said.

He also said: “We will reorganize our economy to face the sanctions.”

In addition, he stressed that the military operation launched on Ukrainian territory aims to remove any threat to Russian security, which could come from the western neighbor, blaming the United States and NATO countries. in general of having triggered the Russian-Ukrainian crisis.

The politicians accused Ukrainian politicians of trying to expel the Russians from Ukraine.

In the past, Lavrov has accused the West, which supports Kiev, of not listening to his country’s security concerns.

NATO expansion

Interestingly, since the start of the Russian military operation on February 24, Moscow has repeated more than once that it will not accept any threats to its western borders, adhering to the legitimacy of its inherent demands to make its western neighbor a neutral country, the which reassures Russian concerns.

He has also called more than once to stop Ukrainian efforts to join NATO, or the expansion of quest’latest in Eastern European countries, which represents a red line for Moscow.

However, the West rejected these demands, stressing the freedom of any country to join international alliances.

But the Russian-Ukrainian conflict also goes back further: in 2014 Russia annexed the Crimean peninsula, triggering tensions between the two sides and pulling thousands of sanctions against the Russians. in different sectors.

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