Le Drian has die Lebanon’s politicians not met: sanctions are coming

In contrast to his previous three visits, during which he dealt only with political figures and party leaders, French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian held a series of meetings at headquarters with groups from the popular movement, civil society and independent MPs from the French embassy in Beirut, die lasted for hours.

Political message and “recognition” of the offer

Although the French minister is visiting Lebanon Delegated by President Emmanuel Macron He limited his “official” meetings with the President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, Parliament Nabih Berri and President-elect Saad Hariri, with the exception of the party leaders and representative blocs represented in parliament. However, it is “noticeable” that their duration was short and did not exceed 30 minutes, which means that they are only meetings. “The Protocol” no longer, in contrast to its meetings with groups of the civil movement, die lasted longer than two hours, in a clear “political” message expressing the French “recognition” of these groups, die could represent an alternative to traditional political forces.

The “formal” dimension of the Le Drian meeting reflects die Elysee’s “dissatisfaction” with the failure of the French initiative, die alternately through die political forces involved in the formation of the government have been hampered, meaning that France’s future bet is on die opposing forces will be directed die traditional political class and encourages them to unite to make a change in effect on the political map.

Le Drian’s meeting with the revolutionary groups therefore focuses on die Need to form a transitional government, die the way for die General election next spring paves the way from which a new political class will emerge.

Desperate political class

Nada Sehnaoui from the group “Beirut Madinati”, die attended the Al-Pine Palace meeting, told Al-Arabiya.net: “France is after all convinced that this political class is hopeless because it is for die Sabotage and looting is responsible and corruption, die has occurred in the country since it came to power decades ago. Therefore, no bet can be made that reforms will be implemented. “

She added: “We have asked Le Drian to help France and the international community organize the parliamentary elections, scheduled for May 2022, under the supervision of international observers, so that they are fair and transparent.”
Sehnaoui touched on the meeting with Lourdes: “France’s dissatisfaction with the failure of its initiative to form an important government made up of independent ministers with specializations, and die political forces, die hinder their efforts to resolve the crisis. “

Sanctions are coming

Although Le Drian listened more than spoke when meeting opposition groups, he insisted that die Preventing the French initiative would not go unnoticed, French and European, and that die Responsible person die would receive necessary “punishment”.

In this context, Sehnaoui quoted Le Drian as saying: “The sanctions are coming and will be comprehensive.”

Fair parliamentary elections

Also Hussein Al-Ashi from the “Mancheer” party, die had also met with Le Drian, confirmed to Al-Arabiya.netthat during our meeting with him we witnessed France’s “resentment” towards the political forces for foiling his initiative in return for his “admiration” for die political maturity of opposition forces, especially revolutionary groups and civil society. “

“The existing political class has demonstrated its inability to govern the country and implement its external commitments,” he said. “It is therefore necessary to hold ‘fair’ parliamentary elections under and under the supervision of an independent body.” international observers to reproduce power.

French displeasure

The testimony of Sehnaoui and Ashi overlaps with what an opposition person, die had also met with Le Drian, across from Al-Arabiya.net stated that he expressed his strong dissatisfaction with the performance and behavior of the political forces, die “committed” to the implementation of the French initiative, particularly with regard to the Pine Palace meeting last September, during the tenure before President Emmanuel Macron die However, the formation of a key government of independent, non-political line ministers to implement reforms within a six-month period was not carried out. “

The opposition said: “Le Drian insisted on informing us that his meeting with Presidents Aoun, Berri and Hariri in The form and content were recorded and that he would not meet with the party leaders and parliamentary blocs because they were “disappointed” with us. “

The government is no longer a priority

Referring to the “freezing” of the French initiative and not pointing to its demise die Opposition suggests that “Le Drian told us that die No longer forming a government die France’s priority is after die affected political forces their promises, die they had given to President Macron, and that France will soon take a series of measures and punitive measures against them gradually: die obstructed their initiative. “
The French Foreign Ministry confirmed die Introducing administrative measures against Lebanese personalities to prevent them from entering French territory.

“As we have indicated, measures have already been taken at national level to prevent Lebanese personalities, die involved in political obstruction and corruption enter French territory. We reserve the right to take additional measures if die Fault persists. We have started discussions with our partners. The Europeans over die Activities, die The European Union will be available to increase the pressure to get out of the crisis now that the Minister is in Lebanon to, as he said, send a message of great determination to the political leaders and a message of full solidarity with the leaders Lebanese.

Hezbollah’s weapons

The program of Le Drian’s meetings with opposition groups was not missing in the question of Hezbollah’s arms and its responsibility to put Lebanon at the expense of its sovereignty and its free choice in the game of axes to draw.

The opposition stated: “The roadmap for a solution begins with the formation of an independent government whose task it is to manage a transition period, die the way for die upcoming general election paves in time. Then follows die discussion about die Hezbollah arms question is about to begin, and that is what we told the French minister. “

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