Le Drian in Lebanon is waving sanctions … and Hariri is considering an apology

The dispute remains widespread at the level of government formation in Lebanon until French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian is officially stalemate in Lebanon this evening, Wednesday die deliberate interruption of government acts.

While Le Drian’s agenda regarding political figures, die he will meet is unclear, with the exception of two appointments with President Michel Aoun, who will meet him tomorrow, Thursday, at ten in the morning, and then with Speaker of Parliament Nabih Berri, this is the case for sure that the diplomat will meet a number of European ” Punitive measures “will beckon against those die die Hinder education. The government, to pressure them to retrace their terms, die die have kept French initiative from reaching a breach since President Macron launched it months ago during his tenure visit in Beirut.

Action against Hezbollah and Amal ?!

In this regard, European affairs expert Tammam Noureddine told Al-Arabiya.net: “France is considering imposing restrictive measures on those die torpedoed his initiative to resolve the political crisis in Lebanon and are now known. the Shiite duo, die Amal movement and die Hezbollah because they insist on holding onto a ministry. “The money that a Shiite minister has been holding for years is clearly against die French initiative, die die Introduces baggage rotation. “

It also seems that France “Picard” die Widening sanctions to include those die involved in corruption and the waste of public money, according to Noureddine, referring to “a long list of names die fast are complete, which additionally includes politicians of different orientations, stakeholders, funds, bankers and executives who are accused of supporting these people. “Corrupt politicians.”

European enthusiasm, die Punish the corrupt

He also noted that “because of the level of corruption in Lebanon, many European countries express their enthusiasm for die Implementation of such measures have shown, especially Germany, since die Europeans estimate they have looted at least a hundred billion dollars for decades “until today and die Lawsuits filed against the governor of the Banque du Liban: “Riad Salameh is in many European countries, most recently in France as the tip of the iceberg to dismantle the corrupt system. ”

France withdrew on its terms!

In return for insisting on restrictive measures against those die For die Obstructing the formation of a government, however, there seems to be a French “flexibility” regarding the terms of the initiative by French President Emmanuel Macron to resolve the current crisis. Paris has no objection to this die Formation of a government, die die reflects political reality.

In this regard, said Elie Musabongi, head of the Association of Foreign Journalists in Paris, across from Al-Arabiya.net: “Paris no longer adheres to the state of independent ministers after it die Has recognized impossibility of its implementation because die political reality in Lebanon cannot produce such a government. “

Rejection of political sanctions

On the other hand, sources confirmed in close to the Presidency of the Republic towards Al-Arabiya.net: “The solution to political crises is there in respect for the Constitution and dialogue while die Sanctions need to be resolved. It is directed against those die proven to be involved in corruption or smuggle Lebanese money abroad. “

She pointed out: “The imposition of political sanctions will not contribute to the formation of the government, but will have a negative effect and act as interference in die internal Lebanese affairs are considered. “

We are very interested in die to implement the French initiative

She also confirmed that “die French initiative for die Presidency of the Republic still in Power is die you in Wants to fully implement to form a key government that includes specialist ministers with frontline experience with a reform work program This is a criminal control, die has become an international requirement. “

Hariri’s excuse?

The visit to Le Drian coincides with an atmosphere die strongly suggests that Prime Minister Saad Hariri is for die Will excuse the task of forming a government die is older than six months.

Future Movement Vice President Mustafa Alloush told Al-Arabiya.netthat Prime Minister Hariri would not wait indefinitely, and he began to seriously consider this possibility as long as his mandate did not break through in the wall of the existing crisis.

“Apologizing has become one of the options on Prime Minister Hariri’s table, despite his belief that this will not solve the problem, it will solve the country in will drive a new crisis, “he said.

In addition, the President’s son-in-law, the head of the Free Patriotic Movement, MP Gebran Bassil, accused die Government, die Obstructing government formation and felt that he should be at the forefront of those die in the forthcoming French measures are included.

It is noteworthy that the right die Forming a government has become an arena of conflict between the President of the Republic and the Free Patriotic Movement on the one hand and Hariri and the “Future Movement” on the other, in which they exchange allegations of disability and disability, die robbed the Lebanese of a government die die Succeeding the current caretaker government, led by Hassan Diab, who resigned on August 10, 6 days after a catastrophic explosion in the port of the capital, Beirut.

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