Le Drian meets Aoun: we become stuck with the obstacles for die Deal with government formation

seem to be French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, Today, Thursday, takes place in Beirut held a tour of Lebanese officials at the die political stalemate despite international pressure, die To accelerate the formation of a long awaited government, die in capable of urgent economic reforms continues to play a dominant role.

Le Drian met with Lebanese President Michel Aoun and is expected to visit Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri later.

On the eve of his visit in Beirut tweeted to Le Drian that he was visiting Lebanon, “with a very firm message die Lebanese officials “adding:” We will deal firmly with those die die Hinder government formation and we have taken action (…) This is just the beginning. “

Le Drian’s visit will be strict this time around and it will be named after the spoilers. According to local media, the French guest will be die remind officials dealing with the Government Act to renew their commitment and promise French President Emmanuel Macron to form a government in accordance with the French initiative and start the reform workshop as soon as possible.

According to local media, sources did not rule out that Le Drian would point out additional sanctions as leverage during his meetings.

Le Drian is likely to clash again with the parties’ already known positions. Hariri with a miniature government of specialists, the President of the Republic and Gebran Bassil with the designation of Christian ministers, in addition to the blocking third party. It is worth noting that France has tried several times die to undo political knots. The last of these was the reception of Macron Hariri at the Elysee and die Coordination with Moscow during the Paris trip, die Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov undertook about a week ago and in which he with French officials die discussed the political situation in Lebanon.

Since the port explosion in Beirut on August 4th die international community urged Lebanon to implement urgent reforms in order to die Get the necessary financial support to get out of the cycle of economic collapse that has been going on for more than a year and a year.

Nine months after the resignation of Hassan Diab’s government following the explosion, and despite the weight of the economic collapse and international pressures led in particular by France, Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri failed to form a new cabinet amid the disparities between political forces. especially between Hariri and the Aoun-led party of the Free Patriotic Movement.

The formation of governments in Lebanon often takes months due to sharp political divisions and quota disputes. The economic collapse that went through die Explosion of the port and die Measures to combat the corona virus have been tightened, however, is a factor that cannot be delayed.

Le Drian announced late last month that its country had restrictions on die Imposed entry of Lebanese personalities, die For die political stalemate are responsible.

The identity of these personalities or die The nature of these restrictions has not yet been revealed, possibly in the attempt of France die Sustaining threat based on the entire Lebanese political class.

French President Emmanuel Macron has visited Lebanon twice since the port exploded and die Repeated demands of the political forces for a reform government. In September he announced an initiative that all political forces agreed to and die Education would have set a government within two weeks.

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