Le Drian: We will die Mobilize the international community to hold parliamentary elections in Lebanon

Before leaving Beirut, he confirmed French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian France will die Mobilize the international community to press for die Lebanese parliamentary elections are held on time, and add that not all Lebanese leaders die Accept, die they have made to Macron have complied.

On Friday, Beirut threatened additional sanctions against Lebanese officials to prevent “mass suicide”. The parties concerned did not form a government, die would undertake fundamental reforms to halt the ongoing economic collapse.

Le Drian stressed that his meetings with the three presidents start from what they represent constitutionally, not favoritism, and reiterated it die Sanctions, die his country against die Spoiler is imposed and described as the beginning of a harsh sanctions path.

On the other hand, before leaving Beirut, Le Drian said to the broadcasters “Al-Arabiya” and “Al-Hadath”: “If die If the suspension continues, our sentences will be tightened and inflicted on a wide variety of Lebanese personalities and relatives. ” die second grade. “

Informed sources confirmed that Le Drian had set aside about two hours to meet the popular movement groups and listened to their concerns, die the lack of trust in die ruling class and die Need to form an independent government to save the economy and hold parliament, elections were on time.

Although Le Drian listened more than spoke when meeting opposition groups, he insisted that die Preventing the French initiative would not go unnoticed, French and European, and that die Responsible person die would receive necessary “punishment”.

The Hirak groups designated die French bet on these guides and die corrupt class as “wrong” and demanded that die Names of people in die French sanctions are included.

Le Drian’s meetings with the Lebanese President and the Speaker of Parliament lasted no more than half an hour. He also met with Lebanese Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri without giving any details.

The French Foreign Minister held on Thursday in Beirut held a series of meetings, most of which included Lebanese officials and representatives of opposition factions, the day after he warned not to “be firm with those who die die Government formation hinders “international pressures to hasten its birth in the face of ongoing economic collapse.

Le Drian met with President Michel Aoun and Speaker of Parliament Nabih Berri without making a statement.

The French official awaited his arrival in Beirut with a tweet on Wednesday evening, in whom he said he was arriving “with a very solid message die Lebanese officials “, adding,” We will deal firmly with those die die Obstruct government formation and we have taken action (…) This is just the beginning. “

Le Drian announced late last month that its country had restrictions on die Imposed entry of Lebanese personalities, die For die political stalemate are responsible. The identity of the characters or die Kind of restrictions haven’t been revealed yet, maybe in a French attempt die Sustaining threat based on the entire Lebanese political class.

After greeting Le Drian, Aoun said, “The formation of a new government is a top priority.” He said he would “continue to make efforts to achieve practical results despite the internal and external obstacles”, without specifying them.

The international community has urged Lebanon, particularly since the bombing of the port of Beirut on August 4th, to implement urgent reforms in order to die Get the necessary financial support to get out of the cycle of economic collapse from which he has suffered for more than a half year.

Roughly nine months after the resignation of Hassan Diab’s government following the explosion, and despite the economic collapse and international pressure led in particular by France, Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri was unable to form a government due to a quota dispute with the Free Patriotic Movement, led by Aoun.

Because of strong political divisions and quotas, it often takes months for governments to form. The economic collapse that went through die Explosion of the port and die Measures to combat the corona virus have been tightened, however, is a factor that cannot be delayed.

French President Emmanuel Macron has visited Lebanon twice since the port exploded and die Repeated demands of the political forces for a reform government. In September he announced an initiative that all political forces agreed to and die Education would have set a government within two weeks.

Le Drian, who left Beirut on Friday, inspected projects supported by France in health, education, culture and heritage. He also met representatives from opposition groups, die participated in the unprecedented protest movement, die Held in the country in 2019 and lasted for months to call for the withdrawal of the entire political class.

The opposition groups have been invited, although their influence is still limited, and have so far failed to combine their efforts into a unified opposition front.

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