Lea Michele reacts to Lindsay Lohan by shading her – says she has been honored!

Lindsay Lohan has cast a shadow on Lea Michele but, it turns out that this last actress was not only offended, she was actually honored! While watching live with Andy Cohen, a caller asked Lea what she thought of Lohan’s shady comments about her after being chosen as Ariel in the production of The Little Mermaid at the Hollywood Bowl .

In response, she revealed, “I know, I saw it! It was really interesting. They announced that I was playing Ariel at the Hollywood Bowl and I think she wrote, like “What?” Or something like that. I think it’s really an honor. It’s classic, classic. Because obviously it’s at the Hollywood Bowl, but it was great. I agree with that, of course. “

As you may remember, in April, just after the announcement of Lea’s role, Lindsay looked a little confused.

Under an IG post that shared the news, she simply commented: “Huh?”

It’s safe to say that she probably thought she was the best choice for the role.

After all, last year Lohan also expressed interest in playing the character for the much-anticipated remake of the live animated film.

However, the titular role ultimately fell to Halle Bailey.

Lindsay Lohan overshadows other celebrities a lot, so Lea wasn’t the only victim.

In October, she also dragged Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson, criticizing their romance.

In an article now deleted, she shared a photo of Cody and her sister Ali Lohan, as the two had a short-lived relationship.


Along with the photo, she wrote, “When you realize you have failed. And you settle for less @codysimpson. All you have won as a family is a masked singer, but you have lost your future. “

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