Leader of a Turkish party that opposes Al-Arabiya.net: The closure of the “People’s Party” is the death of democracy

With the ongoing campaign by the ruling Justice and Development Party led by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and its ally, the National Movement Party led by Devlet Bahceli, to close down the pro-Kurdish People’s Democratic Party Leaders confirm that the ruling coalition campaign has asked for the party to be shut down And waive the immunity of the party’s deputies in parliament And arrests of party cadres are nothing more than neutralizing the party from the upcoming elections.

Elif Bulut, co-chair of the People’s Democratic Party in Istanbul, reiterated that “the Justice and Development Government has been trying hard for some time to curtail the work of the HDP. The main reason for these attempts is the statements of the opposition and activities and of course the HDP, which is seriously shaking the government. Especially after June 7, 2015, after the democratic peoples shook justice and development, after which he could not be alone in power and was forced to forge an alliance with the National Movement Party led by Devlet Bahçeli who helped him carry out this period would help.

In statements to Al-Arabiya.net, Bulut added: “Since that time after June 7th, the ruling party has committed several crimes in Turkey as well as outside Turkey, turning the situation into a situation of war with its citizens and neighboring countries.”

The HDP has been relentless since 2016 when the Erdogan government arrested its leader Salahuddin Demirtaş and the opposition politician remains in prison despite repeated demands from the European Court of Human Rights for his release.

Bulut noted that “Erdogan’s government is putting pressure on the HDP on a daily basis, launching arrest campaigns, lifting immunities for MPs and arresting party mayors. Some of our MPs are in prisons, and the last of them are. Deputy Omar Faruk Girgirlioglu Anyone who turned to the conscience of all people and worked for an equal state for all lifted their immunity due to a tweet. They did this after they announced a human rights action plan and they tried to shut down our party. “

And she continued, “Our party exists, and our party is wanted by those who lead the political stance against the corruption of justice and development, and by all who demand equality and rights. It is a party demanded by all If you say that, the Justice and Development Party is shaken, and because it does not want to lose its rule, it wants to silence the opposition like the HDP. “

On Friday, the Turkish police arrested dozens of leaders of the “People’s Democratic Party”, the best-known pro-Kurdish party, which, according to the organization and the media, is threatened with a judicial ban on its activities.

On Wednesday, the Turkish Attorney General submitted a petition to the Constitutional Court calling for the dissolution of the “People’s Democratic Party”, the country’s third largest party. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused of being linked to “terrorism”.

In the indictment he submitted, the Attorney General accepted President Erdogan’s views and stressed that the party was “organically” linked to the “Kurdistan Workers” party, which Ankara and its Western allies classify as “terrorists”.

The attorney general also called for 687 members of the Democratic Peoples Party, including its former chairman Demirtaş and other prominent figures of the party, to be prevented from holding political offices for five years.

Bulut stated that President Erdogan’s government and his ally, the MHP, want to disperse the votes of the HDP voters: “They are trying to make the HDP voters without an address, and when the party closes, the voters stay in you don’t expect our voters to vote for them, but they can vote for them. For other parties, they believe that they can divide us. Our voters are experienced and it is not the first time that our party has closed. Many of our related parties have been closed in the past. “

The co-chair of the People’s Democratic Party in Istanbul, Erdel Avci, told Al-Arabiya.net in a statement that “closing the parties means” reducing democracy, the death of democracy. Manifestations of organization, freedom and freedom free thinking, and in this way the closure of the party is one of the worst phenomena against democracy, because political parties organize a certain class or part of the people and express them, on this basis the parties become created.

He added, “When you ban parties in a society, you are preventing a society from thinking and defending itself. Because of this, you are excluding parties from a system that claims that democracy is the greatest contradiction between what they say and what they do, and on the issue of closing parties, when a lawsuit against the right to justice and development was filed in the former. We strongly opposed it. No political party should be closed. The party should be closed automatically when given its support the population is losing. Otherwise it’s political pressure. “

Regarding the steps that the party leaders will take in the event of a decision to close, Afji stressed the continuation of the party’s cadre activities by building civil society organizations: “Our work and our activities do not have to be political because we are against serious crises in the party Struggling to live, not to be in power, not to rule the state. And no control over an institution. “

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