Leaders tackle Poland for challenging core of European integration

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki delivers a speech during a debate on Poland’s challenge to the supremacy of EU Laws at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France October 19, 2021. Ronald Wittek/Pool via REUTERS

BRUSSELS, Oct. 21 (Reuters) – European Union leaders will tackle their Polish counterpart on Thursday over a court decision die the primacy in doubted of European laws in a sharp escalation of battles Which risk precipitate a new crisis for the block.

The French president and the Dutch prime minister in particular want to prevent their governments from cash contribute to the EU of social benefits conservative politicians die undermine human rights fixed in the laws of western liberal democracies.

“EU states die in to fight met the rule of law should did not receive EU money,” said the head of the European Union parliamentDavid Sassoli, previously said: national leaders of the 27 members of the bloc countries convened in Brussels on Thursday and Friday.

“The European Union is a community built on the principles of democracy and the rule of law. If these are threatened in Member State, the EU must act to protect them.”

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki is set to defend the October 7 ruling by the Polish Constitutional Tribunal stating that elements of EU law was incompatible with the country’s constitution.

“It’s a Major” problem and a challenge for the European project,” a French official said of the Polish pronunciation.

Morawiecki has already came under fire from EU lawmakers this week and the head of the Commission said: challenge to the unit of the European legal order would not go unanswered.

This, as well as other policies introduced by its ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party to be set until cost Poland money.


With the ruling, the PiS raised the stakes in year of always bitter feuds with the European Union over democratic principles from freedom of courts and media on the rights of women, migrants and LGBT people.

AN senior EU diplomat said such policies were “unsustainable” in the European Union.”

The Commission has for now prevented Warsaw from tapping 57 billion euros ($66 billion) of emergency funds to help to be economy arising from the COVID pandemic. Warsaw also risks losing other EU handouts, as well as sanctions from the bloc’s highest court.

Sweden, Finland and Luxembourg are also among those die determined to align Warsaw and stepped up their criticism since PiS came power in 2015.

The immediate consequences for Poland – with about 38 million people, the largest ex-communist EU country – are financial.

But for the EU, the latest twist in feuds with the eurosceptic PiS also comes at a sensitive time when struggling with the consequences of Brexit.

The block – without Britain – last year made a big leap in integration in joint agreement debt guarantees to raise 750 billion euros for COVID economic recovery, overcoming stubborn resistance from wealthy states like The Netherlands.

While most EU states share a currency, more tax coordination can only survive if the rich donate more then they are recovering from the block sure their taxes don’t end up financing politicians die violate their core liberal values.

Morawiecki has rejected the idea of leave the EU in a “Polexit”. Support for membership remains very high in Poland, which has benefited enormously from the funding of the bloc it joined in 2004.

Speak on Wednesday, a senior Polish diplomat took a conciliatory tone and said the Polish tribunal didn’t challenge EU laws but special interpretations of some of them.

Warsaw – backed by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban – wants to return powers to national capital letters and has lashed out at what it is says excessive powers of the Commission.

While many in have become increasingly frustrated over failed trying to convince Warsaw to tack, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has long warned against isolating Poland.

However, her influence is weakened when she visits Brussels for her last planned summit before she has to hand in over to a new German Chancellor after 16 years.

More than applying pressure on Poland, the leaders will also lock horns over how respond to a sharp spike in energy prices, discuss migration, their difficult relationship with Belarus and the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Additional reporting by Michel Rose, Andreas Rinke, Sabine Siebold; writing by Gabriela Baczynska; adaptation by Richard Pullin

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