Leak of intelligence to the Ukrainians .. Biden warns

US President Joe Biden recently told top national security officials that leaks about sharing US intelligence with Ukrainians are not helpful and should stop, according to an official familiar with the conversation.

One of the officials said Biden told them it was not helpful to publish information about what the United States shares with Ukrainian forces and pointed out that leaks about this information must stop, according to CNN.

Biden’s letter to top national security officials was also first reported by NBC News.

US officials have been honest in sharing information with Ukrainians, but also noted that something is wrong in what is shared with them.

previous denial

A National Security Council spokesperson announced last week that in addition to sending weapons to the battlefield, officials have provided information to “help Ukrainians defend their country,” he said.

Last week, after the White House denied providing information directly to the Ukrainians “with the intent of killing Russian generals,” Biden spoke separately with Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, CIA Director William Burns, and Director of national intelligence Avril Haines.

Painful punishments

It is noteworthy that since the launch of the Russian military operation on the territory of the western neighbor on February 24, Western countries have sided strongly with Kiev, supporting it with weapons, equipment and humanitarian aid also to face the Russians.

While the West, led by America, has imposed painful sanctions on the Kremlin, hitting various sectors, companies and banks, as well as Russian politicians and wealthy people close to Putin.

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