Leaked CoD Mobile game mode brings Unter Us to Call of Duty

New Call of Duty: Mobile footage from the Chinese version of the game has revealed a Among Us-themed mode that will soon be available for the Call of Duty franchise.

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Among us, the gaming industry took by storm in 2020, and now Call of Duty is keen to repeat that success with a near-identical game mode for CoD Mobile.

Early footage from the Chinese version of the popular handheld title showed the new Werewolf playlist in action. 12 players load into the game in the middle of the meltdown. After a short countdown, anyone can spread out and collect resources.

From weapons to materials, these resources are useful for a number of reasons. Not only do they help you achieve other goals, but they also need them to get things done.

It doesn’t take long for the players to come together at the spawn point to discuss the round.


Meltdown is the first map in the focus of the new mode “Unter Uns” from CoD Mobile.

As with Among Us, players have a short window to discuss their case. Whether you’re trying to prove your innocence or throwing another player into a tough spot, this new CoD Mobile mode gives you just a few seconds to speak between rounds.

At the end of the discussion, all players have the opportunity to vote. If enough votes are cast for a single person, they will be removed from the lobby. Otherwise, the rounds will continue until a clear winner has been determined.

During the action phase of each round, players can explore the entire map. Weapons, objects and materials are scattered everywhere. You will need these materials to complete the CoD Mobile version of the Among Us style mini-games.

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These are extremely simple tasks that appear on the minimap. Simply going to the right place and interacting with a target will get any task done.

Weapons range from five-shot pistols to powerful single-shell shotguns. Melee weapons are in the mix too, though you need to get very close to potentially show yourself in the process.

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Currently, this Among Us clone is limited to the Chinese version of CoD Mobile. However, the global version usually receives the same content a few months later. We will keep you informed as soon as more information becomes available.

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