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Leaked Sonic Frontiers Demo Features New Cutscenes and a Squid Boss Battle

The demo for Sonic Frontiers includes many new cutscenes and a boss battle with the Squid enemy, shown in some leaked footage.


Additional demo footage for Sonic Frontiers shows off many unreleased cutscenes and the boss battle known as Squid. The general public can sample this and other highly anticipated games in small doses at live industry events. These demos from Sonic Frontiers were presented at EGX London, GamesCom, and Tokyo Game Show. Even though these demos answered not all questions, those who had the chance to play them spoke highly of the open-zone gameplay.


Sega has forbidden players from recording video of the game since the GamesCom demos because some players were able to take advantage of a bug that allowed them to advance beyond what was originally intended. Despite these limitations, Sonic Frontiers gameplay leaks continued to make their way online for fans to view, with one showing cutscenes and a boss battle.

GPF provided this gameplay on YouTube, which had managed to get footage from Sonic Frontiers’ demo at EGX. This clip’s compilation shows a few new things, such as a boss battle for Sonic Frontiers. This boss was shown off briefly in June when this video revealed its name as Squid. Players can find it wandering the area, where they can jump on the big strip of road that floats behind it to start the battle. Players must avoid its fireballs while running before using a homing attack to stun it and fight it head-on.

Sonic Frontiers Breakdance Cutscene & Full Squid Boss Fight

Sonic Frontiers Breakdance Cutscene & Full Squid Boss Fight


The game’s cutscenes were also shown. Sonic ran into Sage and the enormous Titan foe that has appeared in numerous trailers. The blue blur is no match for it in his current condition, as seen in the TGS trailer that unveiled Super Sonic, and he is thrown into a mountain for his troubles. Shortly after Sage departs, Sonic awakens in a panic and realizes that to defeat the enormous adversary; he will require the strength of the seven Chaos Emeralds.

The video description indicates that the final noteworthy cutscene takes place after the Titan is first encountered and features Amy and her role in Frontiers. Amy dispatches Sonic on a side mission, during which he engages in a brief mini-game to collect the Kocos. Amy will then ask Sonic to locate more of the dispersed Kocos after he completes a very entertaining and animated dance routine and receives a green Chaos Emerald. Fans immediately flocked to the dance scene praising how animated and vivacious Sonic appeared.



Beginning November 8, Sonic Frontiers will be available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.


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