Lebanese driver: I have twice transported ammonium from the port to the Hezbollah stronghold

A Lebanese driver named Imad Kalashi detonated a large caliber in the Beirut port attack, when he admitted he had twice transported ammonium nitrate to the south, the stronghold of the Hezbollah militia.

Also, the driver told ai media Lebanese that he “hid the matter for a year because he could not find anyone to trust to inform him”, adding that “on the morning of August 4, 2020 he saw unusual and strange movements of the security services at the port site.”

The gate is intact

He also said gate number 12 was intact and had no problems, and ward number 12 was the site of the Beirut port explosion.

Interestingly, some have attributed the cause of the explosion in the port of Beirut at the welding operations of the port, which according to safety reports was affected by defects.

Since the explosion of the port of Beirut last year due to a cargo of ammonium nitrate stored there, several international and local parties have spoken about the relationship of the Hezbollah militia with this shipment.

No conclusive results

The Lebanese investigations have so far not reached conclusive results, despite the fact that a year has passed since the attack that destroyed the capital, Beirut, causing thousands of injuries and over 200 deaths.

Lebanese driver: I have twice transported ammonium from the port to the Hezbollah stronghold

Port of Beirut (archive – Reuters)

The documents showed that highly combustible nitrates were indiscriminately stored in the port in 2014 and that many high-ranking officials over the years knew of its existence and did nothing.

economic collapse

The disaster of the explosion and the outbreak of the Corona virus before it deepened the economic collapse that Lebanon has witnessed since the summer of 2019 and the World Bank has ranked it among the worst in the world since the mid-nineteenth century.

More than half of Lebanese are below the poverty line, and the Lebanese pound has lost more than 90% of its value against the dollar, while commodity prices prime have increased by over 700% in two years.

Since the port explosion, the international community has provided direct humanitarian aid to the Lebanese without going through state institutions accused of corruption and waste.

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