Lebanon .. 3 convoys of refugees will head in Syria next Wednesday

The displaced minister in the Lebanese interim government, Issam Sharaf El-Din, announced that three convoys of refugees will leave his country for Syria next Wednesday.

And i media locals quoted Sharaf El-Din on Friday as saying the number of displaced people returning in Syria will reach six thousand people, indicating that they will be divided in two lots.

The Lebanese director of public security, Abbas Ibrahim, had announced in previously that the first group of Syrian displaced people returning to their country would have been at the end of this week.

Starting next week, Lebanon will resume the implementation of the “voluntary return” plan for displaced Syrians in their country, after it was interrupted by the 2019 Crown crisis and subsequent crises that Lebanon has witnessed. .

The Lebanese authorities are trying to repatriate around 15,000 refugees a month, but the testimonies of a large number of displaced people agree that conditions for repatriation are not yet available, as in There are no safe areas in Syria, contrary to what is said, and there is also a large segment of Syrian refugees in Lebanon who are politicians opposed to the regime and wanted by the security services.

Lebanon hosts the largest number of refugees in the world in ratio to the population, in how interesting it is to note that currently two million and 80 thousand Syrians are there in Lebanon, which is experiencing an unprecedented economic and housing crisis, amidst the depreciation of the local currency, and high rates of poverty and unemployment.

The plan will not include any role for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, which insists that conditions in Syria does not allow a large-scale return of refugees.

Human Rights Watch said in July that “Syria is far from providing security and protection to returnees”.

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