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Lebanon A gunman was killed while trying to run over soldiers while being arrested for his ties to ISIS


Today, Wednesday, the Lebanese army announced the killing of a terrorist who tried to run over two soldiers during his arrest on suspicion of smuggling explosives on behalf of ISIS.

According to an army statement, the incident occurred today, “during an attempted patrol by the intelligence directorate in thearea of Wadi Khaled to arrest the wanted man (MM), who smuggled weapons and explosive material for the benefit of the terrorist organization Isis “.

The statement added that the wanted person “attempted to run over patrol members with his own auto to escape, so the agents had to shoot him, which led to his death. “

Interestingly, Wadi Khaled is a ‘area located in the far north of Lebanon, on the border with Syria, and is one of the poorest and most marginalized areas of Lebanon.

And recently in Lebanon has spread information on the young people of northern Lebanon, who for years have suffered from poverty and abandonment, to which is added the unprecedented economic and financial crisis that the country is going through by joining ISIS.

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