Lebanon … an oil tanker “saves” the confidence session in the Mikati government

In Lebanon, it represents The government of Najib Mikati Before the Parliament to win his trust, as the government, which has completed its ministerial declaration at speed, is expected record, will gain the confidence of 90-100 deputies out of 117 deputies in the incomplete parliament, as a result of eight resignations in following the explosion of the port of Beirut and the death of 3 deputies.

According to the media premises, after a delay of more than 40 minutes due to BlackoutThe session of the House of Representatives was reconvened at the UNESCO Building, after the fuel oil for the generators belonging to the building was secured by the company “Amanah”, which is entrusted with the task of distributing Iranian oil. in Lebanon.

The new government is likely to gain the trust of the Free Patriotic Movement bloc and the Future Movement, while Lebanese and some independent forces will reject the government’s trust, which they consider representative of the team that led to the collapse of Lebanon, and one of its own. components, the Hezbollah militia, continue the policy of circumventing the state.

During a recitation session of the ministerial statement before the House of Representatives to gain confidence in the government today, Monday, Mikati said: “Our government is before you today to gain confidence, in a circumstance that requires exceptional approaches to the required treatment. How can Lebanon not find itself in the midst of a suffocating economic, social, financial and living crisis in which the country is on the verge of collapse? prime, the majority of Lebanese are located in a state of alienation from political positions and debates, and is concerned only with addressing their pressing problems and securing their daily strength. .

Mikati affirmed the absolute support of the security forces and the army, strengthening Lebanon’s relations with its sister Arab countries and with European countries, continuing the work on the return of displaced Syrians and strengthening communication with the international community to contribute to address the burdens of Syrian displacement. Mikati also affirmed the government’s commitment to hold parliamentary elections in time, as well as municipal and optional elections.

However, Mikati pledged to immediately resume negotiations with the International Monetary Fund to reach agreement on a Fund support plan and to develop a plan to reform the banking sector and restructure it if necessary, and to revitalize the business cycle. in way tale da helps finance the private sector with encouraging benefits, giving priority to securing depositors’ rights and funds.

Mikati also affirmed the determination to correct salaries and salaries in the public sector in all respects, in light of one studio prepared by the Ministry of Finance which takes into account the financial resources of the state and the state of public finances. In parallel, activating the work of the Index Committee and taking the necessary measures to correct wages in the private sector.

The new Lebanese government saw the light after more than a year of emptiness in one moment in which the country is witnessing a worsening of the collapse of the economic situation.

Mikati announced after the formation of the new Lebanese government, during a press conference, and said: We need the Arab world .. We belong to the Arab world and we need it, and we will knock on the door of every Arab country for help.

Mikati added saying that “there is no place for the unemployed in the Lebanese government, and for those who do we take responsibility, and we hope to stop the collapse that Lebanon is witnessing”, stressing that “the new Lebanese government represents all “, adding:” I have two-thirds of the government and there are no obstacles to it “, and has pledged to hold parliamentary elections.

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