Lebanon calls on Guterres to find alternative means of financing the International Tribunal

This Friday called die Lebanese interim government, Hassan Diab, die Urged the United Nations to find “alternative means” to fund the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, which is investigating several murder crimes after it announced that it was “facing an unprecedented financial crisis.” die could prevent him from continuing his work.

In a letter to United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, Diab said: “Given the challenges the Special Tribunal for Lebanon is facing and the ongoing acute crises Lebanon is suffering from, would be die Lebanese Government grateful to Your Excellency for urgently examining various and alternative ways of financing the Tribunal with the Council of Ministers, Security and Member States in order to assist it in the fulfillment of its mission.

Diab stressed that die The end of the work of the special tribunal for Lebanon had “very serious consequences” because die Suspending his work “reflected incomplete justice” adding that “financial difficulties should not hinder the completion of the work of the tribunal”.

Lebanon’s Executive Prime Minister Hassan Diab

The judges of the United Nations Special Tribunal for Lebanon have called off a new trial against the man convicted of the 2005 murder of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri because they expect to see the tribunal die Funds run out and it must be closed before completing its mission.

Last year the court sentenced Salim Jamil Ayyash, a member of the Lebanese Hezbollah militia, to in Absence for the bombing that killed Hariri and 21 other people.

A second case was scheduled to begin on June 16, in Ayyash for another assassination attempt and for attacks on other Lebanese politicians in the years 2004 and 2005 to be charged.

Salim Ayyash

Salim Ayyash

However, the judges wrote in a decision, published on the court’s website on Thursday, that they canceled the trial “because there is no point in opening a trial in June and likely ending in July due to a lack of funds.”

And the special tribunal for Lebanon with headquarters in The Hague announced earlier this week that it would have to cease operations after July if it does not find a solution to the funding gap problem.

A Reuters report last week revealed that die Means of the court, die 51% of its funding from voluntary contributions and 49% from the Lebanese government have been used up.

Judge of the International Tribunal for Lebanon

Judge of the International Tribunal for Lebanon

Lebanon is going through an economic crisis die dubbed “one of the worst recessions of modern times” by the World Bank.

Saad Hariri, Lebanese Prime Minister-designate and son of the late Rafik Hariri, could not come up with President Michel Aoun die Agreement formed a new government and left the country behind since last year in a state of political paralysis.

The United Nations Special Tribunal for Lebanon was set up in 2007 by a resolution of the UN Security Council. Its budget last year was 55 million euros ($ 67 million).

The court said the 2021 budget had been cut by about 40% but is still struggling to get contributions.

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