Lebanon groans under its crises. Aoun: “Syrian refugees cannot stay”

While economic and life crises have been mounting in Lebanon for months, amid a massive decline in the value of the currency and an insane price increase, Lebanese President Michel Aoun renews his appeal die international community to solve the problem of Syrian refugees.

He said during his meeting with the Executive Director of the United Nations Human Settlements Program on Friday that the country can no longer accept Syrian refugees, stressing that they can in need to be brought back to their homeland.

“The world should help us”

He added that die international community and die United Nations should work to die large numbers of refugees in their safe villages in Attributed to Syria.

In addition, he stressed that the Lebanese people’s will to face challenges is firm, but die international community must help find solutions for die successive crises in the country.

Lebanon groans under its crises.  Aoun: “Syrian refugees cannot stay”

Syrian refugees in Lebanon (Archive – AFP)

It is noteworthy that Aoun has been on more than one international and international occasion die Emphasized the need for the return of Syrian refugees, the issue of which is controversial between a number of parties and currents in the country.

The United Nations, die Support organizations die deal with helping thousands of refugees, die in living in several camps scattered across Lebanese territory have always emphasized that they can only return if die Security of the places is guaranteed die they will go.

However, has die Situation in Lebanon in badly deteriorated in the past few months, and die Financial position is on the brink of abyss in the worst crisis, die the country has seen for decades.

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