Lebanon is drowning in his crises .. Aoun and Hariri accuse each other

During Lebanon in its worst financial crisis is crashing in decades die The question of the formation of the government stalled for months without any result die Officials argue over allegations of disability.

Today, Wednesday, President Michel Aoun accused Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri of his responsibility for die To evade the formation of a balanced government, as this act constitutes “a persistent violation of the Constitution and the national agreement document”.

Accused in a statement die Lebanese Presidency Hariri also to insist die Seizing power of the President of the Republic through practices die “Violating norms and principles”.

In addition, she represented die Believes that die Future movement (led by Hariri) wants to block every rescue attempt to form a government and necessary reforms.

“From failure to failure”

This happened after Ahmed Al-Hariri, Secretary General of the Future Movement, yesterday die Had described the presidency as a catastrophic failure in the administration of the country.

And he wrote in a tweet on his account: “Those who fail, and from fire to fire, and the President and his spoiled son-in-law (referring to Minister Gibran Bassil) insist that the fire of the just covenant will be more deadly in Lebanon and in to the Lebanese as the fire of hell … because we need fire and its smoke to hide their failure, corruption and depression. … “

Saad Hariri also previously accused Aoun and Bassil of die To have hindered the formation of a government.

The crisis in Lebanon is one of the worst in the world since 1850

Meanwhile, Lebanon continues to fall in die worst economic crisis in the world since 1850, like die World Bank confirmed yesterday.

The World Bank warned Tuesday that die Economic and financial crisis in Lebanon among the ten worst and perhaps the three worst since the mid-19th

Lebanon is drowning in his crises .. Aoun and Hariri accuse each other

From Beirut (AFP)

Since the summer of 2019, the country has been experiencing an accelerated economic collapse, the worst in the history of the country that went through die Terrible explosion of the port of Beirut on the 4th over shares and influence between political forces prevented for months die Government formation.

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