Lebanon: The family of activist Luqman Slim is protected by a “security” request, at a German request

Rasha Selim, sister said Lebanese activist Luqman Who was found dead a few days ago in his car, Luqman will be buried in the garden of the house at the entrance, which she said will remain open for those who wish to pray over his body.

Today, Sunday, Rasha Salim said that the killers of Luqman claim that they are the ones with morals, surprising that the news of Luqman’s death was mentioned before the weather bulletin on some TV channels.

Rasha Selim was also surprised that the German embassy sent two members of the Lebanese security, asking them to protect Luqman’s German wife, considering that this means the Lebanese state’s tendency to turn Lebanon into a global issue.

She said that no contact has yet been made with them by the Lebanese security services since Luqman’s disappearance, including the remnants of the Lebanese authority, as she put it.

And after the disappearance and ambiguity about his fate, on Thursday, the body of the Lebanese activist and researcher Luqman Salim was found dead in his car in southern Lebanon, while local media reported that he was killed by two bullets in the head.

A message from his sister

On the night of Wednesday / Thursday, the Luqman family released a distress message, asking those who know about him to contact them.

Rasha Salim Al-Amir, sister of the researcher and political analyst, known for his fierce opposition to Hezbollah, wrote on Twitter as well as on her Facebook account, that “her brother left Niha in the south to return to Beirut, but he has not returned yet. His phone is not answered. He has no trace in hospitals.” .

Lead and muffler

It is noteworthy that the Shiite opposition has always criticized Hezbollah and its weapons, considering that its agendas are external, which precede Iran’s interest over Lebanon’s interest, and it has always been considered that the party exercises the power of repression and control over the minds of its supporters.

He had previously been subjected to several treachery campaigns by loyalists and supporters of the party and the Amal movement, so that last year they entered his garden, leaving him a threatening message, waving bullets and a silencer, prompting the researcher to issue a statement in which he held responsibility for any assault on Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah, and the Amal Movement, headed by Speaker of Parliament Nabih Berri.

From philosophy to politics

Luqman was born in Haret Hreik in the suburb of Beirut in 1962, then moved to France in 1982 to study philosophy at the Sorbonne University, and returned to the Lebanese capital in 1988.

In 1990, he established a publishing house that publishes Arabic literature and articles with controversial content, whose publications range from books banned by the Lebanese General Security to the first Arabic translations of the writings of Muhammad Khatami, the former Iranian reformist president, which stirred controversy within the Shiite community in Lebanon. He was distinguished by his solid positions on Hezbollah, which he subjected to numerous campaigns of distorting the image, of treason, and accusations of being an agent.

Commenting on the assassination of Luqman Salim, the Maronite Patriarch Bechara Al-Rahi saw in the case a new impetus to put an end to all outdated weapons.

Moussa Khoury, a lawyer for the Luqman Salim family, confirmed that investigations have reached new information about his murder, the conclusion of which will be known later. In statements to the Middle East, he added that Luqman was hit by six bullets, and that efforts are being made to find out the identity of those who killed him, not just the executing agency.

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