LeBron James welcomes Anthony Davis’ “fierce” fight in the Lakers

LeBron James has welcomed a “monster game” from Anthony Davis, who fought through the illness to help the Lakers return to their winning ways against the Nuggets.

Davis needed intravenous fluids in Tuesday’s 105-96 road win half as he was one of many Lakers players suffering from flu-like symptoms. The 26-year-old made a nice all-around display, however, contributing 25 points and 10 rebounds as the Lakers recovered from their recent loss to the Mavericks.

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James said Davis’ contribution has been just as steady since he joined the Lakers in the off-season.

“He does it all year,” said James, who himself contributed 25 points, nine assists and six rebounds. “Playing through injuries, playing through diseases like he did tonight [he is] the defensive player of the year, and showed tonight again playing one-on-one against ‘Joker’ [Nikola Jokic] in the position. Jamal Murray.

“He stopped after post after post. It was just a monster game for him.”

For his part, Davis insists his illness had nothing to do with the way he tried to play.

“I tried to fight and do everything I could to help the team win,” Davis said. “I felt I could get it and I could contribute as much as I could and win.” [The disease] didn’t get to try to play the right game. I think the shots I had were good shooting, but I made it a little clearer.

“Not because of illness, but the way they were playing me, and then just trying to be aggressive in the second to fourth quarter, just trying to get my team to go, get some looks and get some look. a big piece that I thought he would do, especially playing at Denver at altitude. “

Lakers coach Frank Vogel described Davis’ performance as “something special”.

“He’s been bad over the last two days, coming in and having a type of defensive player of the year,” Vogel said. “He takes care of his two best players, Jokic, single cover, everyone stays home and Jamal Murray brings him to the basket and plays defensive play after defensive play.

“And it was great to play through diseases and have this kind of performance was special.”

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