CryptoCurrency Ledger, Binance fell "Victims" of Bull Run

Ledger, Binance fell “Victims” of Bull Run


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A current bull run in the crypto market left some market players having a hard time to handle the increased need for their services. A significant hardware wallet manufacturer cautioned that their customers will need to wait longer for assistance, while a crypto trading giant is likewise experiencing “performance issues.”

Disadvantages of a Bull Run

One of these significant players experiencing problems brought on by the quantity of interest is Ledger, the manufacturer of hardware wallets.

“Even a Bull Run can have its downsides,” mentions Ledger in an e-mail to its client. “We’re currently facing a strong increase of requests at the Ledger Support team. You might then experience some extra delay in our response time,” thanking them for perseverance while their teams are handing “all the requests.”

It appears that Ledger is being impacted by greater need of their item and/or service, yet one can even argue if a bull run has actually even begun. We have actually seen the market rally in the past couple of weeks, with bitcoin (BTC) pressing over USD 9,000, and even USD 10,000 briefly. Today the market is in red.

BTC fell 3.7% in a day and 3% in the past week, now (UTC 14: 48) trading at USD 9,554 Other coins from the top 10 dropped 6%-10% on Monday.

We have actually called Ledger for comment and will upgrade the post must they reply.

Binance is “humbled”

The second example is crypto exchange Binance There have actually been a number of users reporting numerous problems, mainly in relation with inspecting their balances and positioning orders, declaring that these were inaccurate, and grumbling about hold-ups.

It’s obviously specified where Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao (aka CZ), needed to action in and assure users that this is “a fixable problem with a combination of short, mid and long term solutions.” CZ verifies that there have actually been “perf[ormance] problems” on the exchange in “the last few days,” not offering particular information, however does state that they’re “humbled to have the heaviest traffic in crypto.”

See the most recent reports by Block TELEVISION.

Trading volume in the past 24 hours reached USD 3.3 billion on Binance, compared to USD 1.7 billion, which was the greatest 24- hour volume in January. The volume in February is even larger than it was throughout the rally in June 2019, when BTC exceeded USD 13,000

Trading volume on Binance:


Furthermore, CZ claims to be preparing a report on some of the problems, which he anticipates will be readily available in a day approximately, stating that the options to them will be executed in time.

This traffic jam, nevertheless, has actually presumably triggered traders money, as they can’t respond properly in a matter of seconds due to hold-ups, needing to hold rather of trading when there’s volatility, with some even asking if they’ll be repaid. “To call this a ” efficiency concern” is a bit disingenuous, writes user ‘0xMetatron.’ ” I have actually had limitation orders popping in/out of presence, orders passing however disappointing up in either funds or order history & & missing out on funds.” CZ replied that, due to the bottleneck, messages are being delayed between parts of the system, and that ” it will sync up ultimately.”

A crypto trading platform that does not work properly throughout peak times of operation is like KFC going out of chicken at supper time. I’m a big fan of @binance and have actually been given that the start, however when clients are losing thousands due to technical problems individuals get salted.

— BreakingTheFud (@BreakingTheFUD) February 16,2020

I like this version much better since I make certain a comparable conference really occurred at Binance HQ

— Crypto Krillin ॐ (@LSDinmycoffee) February 16,2020

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