Lega (Yellow): The Gulf dictates a tie to justice and stays in head

The teams of Al-Khaleej and Al-Adala drew 2-2 in the match that brought them together at the Prince Muhammad Bin Fahd Stadium in Dammam for the seventeenth round of the (Yellow) League for club first class – Al-Khaleej advanced first through Mama Dosuro, and soon Al-Adala adjusted the score through Alan It was painful, and Nasser Al-Abdali added the second goal, and with it the first half ended, and in the second half, the Gulf has achieved the draw through Mama Do – with With this result and the draw, the Gulf has raised its score to the point (32) and is still holding on to the lead in first place – and the tie of justice rose to point (29) in the middle of the third.

In Hail: – Al-Jabaline won over Al-Ain with an unanswered goal scored by Faisal Al-Jamaan – Al-Jabaleen raised his score to the eighth point (24) in ranking – Al-Ain remained in the last twenty – first place with eleven points.

In Al-Baha: Najran beat Bisha with two goals to a goal, 2-1, where he scored for Najran’s side Ayudu Iselka, and Carlos Henrique from the penalty spot – while Bisha’s only goal was scored by Ahmed Asiri – and with this victory, Najran brought his score to one point (24) in seventh place, and Bisha remained in seventh place, nineteenth and penultimate place with eleven points.

The matches will continue tomorrow, Tuesday, with four matches:

Renaissance * One

Immortality * grandmother

unit * flashlight

Generation * Diriyah

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