Legalization of Crypto In Developing Countries Like India

Cryptocurrency is the most burning topic in today’s world. Various people are investing in cryptocurrencies as there are huge profits in a significantly less period. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency announced in 2008 and was launched in 2009 by the pseudo-anonymous person. Initially, there was less socialization of the cryptocurrency. But later, with the modernization and increase in the number of smartphone users, there is an increase in the socialization of cryptocurrency, and various people are earning profits. Money can be invested on profit bitcoin.

What Is CryptoCurrency

Cryptocurrency is a decentralized currency that does not come under any country’s legislation or any single person. Everything, including how it works, is mentioned on its official website in a white paper. Even any web developer wants to make a new modification for the development of Bitcoin, then he can create the changes.

Even there are no chances of fraud in it as these are protected with various securities, even though there are many bitcoin miners working on the transactions of bitcoins, so if anything occurs, they can easily detect it up the fraud can easily be controlled.

Cryptocurrency is just an excellent step towards progress as it gives profits to the users who are investing and the persons working for it in Bitcoin as a reward.

Cryptocurrency is even accepted by many developed as well as some of the developing nations, along with some of the websites. This is progress toward modernization. But there is a need for legalization in most countries.

Why Crypto Should Be Legalized

Crypto is a very a currency with liquidity that means the prices of bitcoins can even rise to heights in just a night or even fall a person can be a big zero. But this is a better option than the share market. A person who understands the crypto market can earn vast amounts of money in concise periods.

Crypto should be legalized in developing countries like India Because:

  • It is the most significant step towards modernization for a country because it will attract the focus of more and more people towards it, and almost all people will come towards modernization as this is the first step towards modernization.
  • Huge profits can be earned in a concise period of time. People with having money can invest in crypto and can earn huge profits in a significantly less period of time.
  • Even crypto is such a platform where a person having no money can work as a bitcoin miner and can earn a tremendous amount of money. They get rewards in the cryptocurrency for which they are working. This is the most significant source of employment for lots and lots of people.
  • This can help various users from getting incurred with the transaction charges online when changing their currency. As we have discussed earlier also that crypto is a decentralized currency that does not come under any country or person. So it is an independent currency and does not cause any transaction charges while transacting.
  • More and more persons will get engaged as smartphone users, and this is also a significant step towards modernization.
  • This will help people save their time and start using online servers for doing various purposes. As in today’s time, there are various people who are still engaged and convinced in using the offline platform for paying the bills, buying something, etc.

In this pandemic situation, because of Covid, there was the significant problem of unemployment. Even there were many people who got unemployed because the situation made the businesses fall as there was no work and from where they had to pay the employees.

So at that time, there were many users who got engaged with this platform of cryptocurrency and hard-earned money for their living either by investing or by getting engaged in the mining processes. These people got self-employed money and had earned money.


There is a huge need to make the cryptocurrency legalized by India because it will make the country digitalized, and even it will give profits along with employment to people in this massive era of unemployment. Even the mining process is also a source of huge profits as this provides users with the profits and makes some money for them.