Legislative elections between 8 coalitions in Senegal

Senegalese voters voted in a legislative election in which the opposition hopes to forge an alliance with President Macky Sall and curb any potential ambition he has for a third term.

Sall, 60, elected in 2012 for a seven-year term and then re-elected in 2019 for another five years, has been accused of trying to cross the presidential term limit and reapply in 2024.

Sall has not disclosed his intentions in this regard, but any defeat of his supporters in Sunday’s election could upset such plans.

The Senegalese elect members of the unicameral parliament of 165 deputies, currently dominated by supporters of President Sall, for a five-year term.

In preparation for the elections, the “Free the People” coalition has agreed with the “Save Senegal” coalition (Waloo Senegal), led by former president Abdoulaye Wade, to work together to obtain a parliamentary majority and “impose government coexistence. “.

The two alliances also want to force Sall to give up any ambition to run for election in 2024. In the local elections in March, the opposition won in major cities, including the capital, Dakar, Ziguinchor in the south and Tess in the west.