Lenderking: The actions of the Houthis are an affront to the international community

The US envoy in Yemen, Tim Lenderking, described the actions of the Houthis as an “insult to the entire international community”, commenting on the year in where the militia arrested 12 employees of his country’s embassy and the United Nations in Sanaa.

In a statement, Lenderking confirmed the continuation of efforts to release employees of his country’s embassy and the United Nations who are detained by the Houthi group in Sanaa.

He added: “After a full year, 12 employees of the US embassy and the United Nations, all Yemeni citizens, are still detained by the Houthis without any justification and there is no means to contact them.”

Lenderking pointed to the death of the rescue expert in pension Abdul Hamid Al-Ajmi, one of the detainees, in a Houthi prison at the beginning of questyear, indicating the difficult humanitarian situation experienced by his family due to his death away from them.

“How much suffering will the Houthis inflict on Yemeni families? It is time for these Yemenis to be reunited with their loved ones,” he said.

The US envoy added: “The actions of the Houthis are an affront to the entire international community and, above all, they are an affront to the Yemenis themselves.”

In the same context, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has renewed its call on the Houthi group to quickly release the Yemeni employees who work at the American embassy and the United Nations, which it has held in Sanaa for a year.

Samantha Power, director of the agency, said: “Today we are again calling on Al-Houthi to immediately and unconditionally release our Yemeni employees who work for the US government.”

He added that the Houthi group “has arrested former and current employees of the United States government and the United Nations over the past year and most of them have not been in able to communicate with their families “.

He stressed that the continued unjustified detention of these people by the group puts in discuss his desire that the pace return to Yemen: “Al-Houthi’s continued detention of these people sends a worrying message about his commitment to pace”, he has declared.

Interestingly, the Houthi militia continues to hold 12 former and current Yemeni employees at the US Embassy and the United Nations in Sana’a, and the death of one of them has been announced. in housing at the beginning of quest’year.

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