Lenovo announces a laptop advanced with several screens

Lenovo unveiled a laptop badge developed to make work easier for users in office and is suitable for graphic designers at the same time.

The most distinctive feature of the ThinkBook Plus Gen 3 is that it has an additional screen installed next to the keyboard, on which the user can write and draw with a smart pen to edit photos or add their signature to electronic documents.

The user can also split the main screen of the computer to view multiple types of content at the same time, which facilitates the work of translating texts, combining data and images, or browsing in Internet and simultaneous work.

The computer was equipped with a basic screen of 17.3 inches, resolution of display (3070/1440) pixels, frequency of 120 hertz, support with modern Intel Alder Lake processors and random access memory with capacity up to 32 GB and internal memory of 1 TB, which provides it with great performance and very high speed in managing the data and various types of Internet networks.

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