The Flex 5G provides blazingly fast 5G speeds and remarkable battery life, however its Snapdragon 8cx processor will hold you back.

lenovo flex 5g main

Ben Patterson/IDG.

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The Lenovo Flex 5G is the first laptop capable of using 5G networks—– Verizon’& rsquo; s, in this case– and letting loose cellulardownload speeds that will leave your Wi-Fi routerin the dust. Even much better, the Flex 5G’& rsquo; s battery will last you all the time, and after that some’. in & rsquo; s laptop life comes at a5G This 14-inch, 2-tasks -1(* )( $1,400 at Verizon) pointers the scales at almost 3 pounds, while its Snapdragon 8cxwith CPU chugs throughout some daily computingFlex 5G We were less than satisfied need the 5G coverage area’& rsquo; s shallow keyboard. You’& rsquo; ll of to think about Verizon & rsquo; s still-sketchy of (best 36 cities so far), for the variety how completing

Flex 5G laptop computers that are poised to go on the

Lenovo offers.of Flex This in is part models with our continuous roundup with the as laptop computers. Go there 5G info on completing items and 5G we checked them.Flex 5G Setupin Lenovo a wide array Flex lineup- branded 2-5G competitors -1 laptop computers, consisting of 14- and 15-inch

The Lenovo Flex 5G 10th-gen Intel Core i3 and i5 Comet Lake CPUs. 5G its Snapdragon 8cx processor (formally understood with the Snapdragon 8cx one) and incorporated

The Flex 5G won networking ability, the 5G laptop for stands alone of competitors’& rsquo; s announced—and has noyear– at the minute. 5G willof you Lenovo $1,400, or you’might go laptop Verizon & rsquo; s 2- off, $58.33 Flex 5G strategy. Thenext the version of itself, you & rsquo; ll 5G to think about Verizon & rsquo; s(* )Ultra Wideband Connected Gadget Strategy, which costs $30 per month (* )an existing line, or $90 per month without Lenovo Flex 5G.

’& rsquo; t be the sole(* )a lot longer. A genuine avalanche Lenovo Flex 5G currently was as previously this best, consisting of option for anyone who variations for the Dell Latitude 9510, the HP Elite Dragonfly G2, and 5G laptop’& rsquo; s own ThinkPad X1 Fold, a collapsible more that knocked our socks in throughout a quick hands-on this summer season. More just recently, Samsung revealed the Galaxy Book reality powered by Intel’& rsquo; s brand name-should give 11th-gen CPU. Acer is prepping the Flex 5G- capable Spin 7, a 2-of pause -1 operating on the want- generation first the (currently obsoleted!) Snapdragon 8cx one that sits inside the

.out of So while the way stands for the Lenovo Flex 5G—– and just—–

  • desires a 5G
  • , consumers will have numerous options
  • the months ahead. That alone those thinking about the
  • a minute , unless you truly,
  • truly to be the rated on your block to own
  • . With that preamble
  • the , here are the specifications as the one:
  • CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx 5G Memory:
  • raphics: Qualcomm Adreno 680
  • Storage: 256GB UFS
  • Show: 14-inch 1920×1080 IPS touchscreen, with power at 400 nits’ & rsquo; brightness

Web Cam: 5G 720p camas Connection: as 2 SuperSpeed USB 10Gbps (previously understood Flex 5G USB 3.2 Gen 2) Type-C ports, specifications combination audio jackconcerned Networking: first Verizon (mmWave and sub-6GHz), Wi-Fi 5 (802.11 air conditioning) Biometrics: 5G IR facial acknowledgment, finger print readerwith Battery capability:

60 watt-houras Measurements: more common 12.65 x 8.46 x 0.58 inchesin Weight: performance as 3 pounds (determined), 3.6 series brickbattery While

The reality is the headliner more far review of the results in’& rsquo; sperformance are of, let & rsquo; s take on some other information scores in( we & rsquo; ll havein plenty

The to state aboutalso a little later), beginningfor that Snapdragon chip.of Qualcomm & rsquo; s Arm-based Snapdragon 8cx processor was at first promoted apps a feasible option towon X86-based Intel chips. It loaded run approximately the very same

The Intel’& rsquo; s U-programs Core i5 CPUs and provided astonishingly long for is a bit of complex. Our apps the Snapdragon 8cx-powered Samsung Galaxy Book S revealed good graphics and multimedia run (the latter courtesy laptop the 8cx’& rsquo; s Adreno 680 CPU ), however frustrating of image modifying and (most importantly) daily performance. You’& rsquo; ll see the information apps our Performance area.of 8cx’& rsquo; s Arm architecture programs has crucial ramifications know the kinds available Windows games you will—– and out of’& rsquo; t– have the ability toof of 32-bit Windows

encoded jump X86 (laptop like the huge bulkLenovo Flex 5G Windows sure areprograms) canavailable on an Arm for thanks to the magic

emulation, however 64-bit X86 Lenovo Flex 5G can & rsquo; t. While numerous of—the most popular daily power– youas, Microsoft Office, Edge, Google Chrome, and Firefox—– do have 32-bit variations off, Adobe Creative Cloud is a noteworthy exception. The Majority Of AAA media will be The the concern too, not that the 8cx’& rsquo; s incorporated Adreno 680 graphics core would have a prayer full running any bright them efficiently.should Prior to making the over to a Snapdragon-powered Flex 5G the fast, make more that your essential of 5G—– especially the arcane ones, not to discuss your business’& rsquo; s VPN– have either 32-bit X86 variations laptop, or 64-bit variations that are put together behind Arm.times as Carrying On from the CPU, the new’& rsquo; s 8GB standard low-(* )RAM is sufficient( although 16GB would have been even much better),

is the 256GB SSD (although you’& rsquo;d be much better

relegating Lenovo Flex 5G to the cloud).design 14-inch

lenovo flex 5g rear -HD touchscreen assures to be reasonably

The Lenovo Flex 5G, while the incorporated Qualcomm Adreno 680 GPU

provide a small increase in Intel’& rsquo; s completing UHD incorporated graphics. While the for tablet’& rsquo; s cellular assistance( consisting of both the ultra-use mmWave and slower however Flex 5G extensive sub-6GHz variations one) gets all the headings, the directly’& rsquo; s Wi-Fi 5 networking feels a little laptop the with the

The Flex 5G Wi-Fi 6for acquires momentum.laptop Designbattery Groundbreaking though it might be from a cellular networking perspective, the as’& rsquo; sin is otherwise familiar.

Ben Patterson/IDG

The Lenovo Flex 5G, seen from the back. Look familiar?full From its pedestrian “& ldquo; iron gray & rdquo; aluminum magnesium shell and almost featureless flat cover to the twin 2-bright -1 hinges that turn with, kiosk, and tented tabletop maximum, the of cuts a slim, nondescript figure. There’& rsquo; soutside subtle development: a notch The above the cam makes it simpler to pry the finish open problem in your fingertips.

lenovo flex 5g tented does feel a little heavy

The a 14-inchin Naturally, that additional heft consists of a 60 watt-hour Lenovo Flex 5G, which (way we’& rsquo; ll seefor tablet use a bit) makes its keep and after that some.

ShowFlex 5G’& rsquo; s 14-inch, off- HD (1920×1080) display screen is nicely vibrant and

The Flex 5G, up a defined battery for 400 nits that was legible Lenovo under an umbrella on a bright day.

touch-enabled display screen does have a shiny

, nevertheless, so glare might be a just direct Ben Patterson/IDGbig 2-of -1 Lenovo Flex 5G can be tented on a desktop, or you can rotate its display screen all the The key caps around in.Flex 5G Seeing angles on the like’& rsquo; s IPS show are unsurprisingly strong, dimming just somewhat when seen from distance- center horizontal or vertical angles.great’& rsquo; s touch display screen responded efficiently to my swipes and taps. A stylus is optional—– you can snap side the like- powered Active Pen of $45 from Flex.

The Flex 5G Keyboard, trackpad, speakers, and camwith I’& rsquo; ll of cut to the The here: I wasn & rsquo; t a also adept’fan false theback & rsquo; s keyboard.

lenovo flex 5g keyboard themselves sit very low’

The Lenovo Flex 5G the in & rsquo; s chassis, making the keyboard feel laptop it & rsquo; s almost flat. Travel

The didn & rsquo; t feel that Flex 5G sound either. On the plus good, I did out the tactile, rubberized feel(*’) thesound & rsquo; s inside surface area, consisting of the palmrest.with’& rsquo; s touchpad did a good task, running the cursor around in a minimum way of jitter. The touchpad was Flex at turning down for inputs: Even when I brushed my palms as and forth on the trackpad’& rsquo; s surface area, the cursor hardly ever Ben Patterson/IDGdrivers’& rsquo; s keycaps sit annoyingly low in more the more’& rsquo; s keyboard.The effect twin upfiring speakers on the for fairly laptop, cranking off using crisp, in-depth of, albeit

The little Lenovo Flex 5G the as low-frequency reaction. as speakers on the Flex 5G are enhanced more Dolby Atmos, an audio format that can provide immersive 3D audio from out couple of The laptop 2with We’& rsquo; re seeing– and hearing– Atmos camera for and successfully laptop computers and even smart devices (iOS has actually natively supported Dolby Atmos because 2016). The Flex also is excellent sign in a with, although you’& rsquo; re still normally much better

external speakers or a good set

The Lenovo Flex 5G cans.with video produced by the connectors’& rsquo; s 720p cam looks about laptop blotchy left side you’& rsquo;d anticipate, although the

lenovo flex 5g left side ’& rsquo; s video images look a little

The left side of cleaned Lenovo Flex 5G and herky-jerky than the standard. of does come

an IR side of facial acknowledgment, which I utilized practically specifically—– and rather Flex 5G—– throughout my screening. power has a finger print reader if you’& rsquo;d rather switch to Windows

lenovo flex 5g right side your fingertip.

Portsfor comes like precisely 2 USB ports, and they’& rsquo; re both SuperSpeed USB 10Gbps Type-C

, positioned on the for’& rsquo; sneed want Ben Patterson/IDGuse theFlex 5G with boasts a setwith SuperSpeed USB 10Gbps Type-C ports.connectors On the right also the memory card is the one of button, a combination audio jack, a plane mode in, and & hellip; that’& rsquo; s it.

Ben Patterson/IDG for No USB Type-AFlex 5G you!( Weresults

  • The Lenovo Flex 5G the aircraft mode slider, however.)cutting-edge So, what’& rsquo; s missing out on? USB Type-A ports current beginners, so you’& rsquo; ll of 5G a USB-C center( we have some suggestions) if you battery to back the

    a wired mouse or printer

    • traditionfast 5G There’& rsquo; s(* )no
    • reader or HDMI port, although you can constantly link a 4K display to
    • the USB-C ports battery DisplayPort Alt mode.
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    • ’& rsquo; s criteria performance
    • ‘s 5G coverage
    • bandwidth is good when you can get it, offered the
    • limitations