Lessons from Failed Video Games: Developers Share Their Experiences Amidst The Lord of the Rings Gollum’s Disappointing Reviews

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Not so valuable

After years and years of development, The Lord of the Rings Gollum is finally out… and the reviews really aren’t good. With an average of 35/100 on Metacritic, the title takes the full brunt of many salty reviews, having downright pushed the studio to do son mea culpa on social networks. An industrial failure son scale (but which nevertheless sells rather well), alas far from being an isolated case.

Faced with the small disaster, many developers took the floor to testify and, somewhere, to provide support: making a video game is definitely a complicated process and often times things can go wrong.

This is Danni Carlone, now environmental artist senior at Santa Monica, who got the ball rolling on Twitter by posting the painful score of Sonic Boom: The Rise of Lyric, only 32% on Metacritic. Because yes, before working on the acclaimed God of War Ragnarok, the developer also worked on a project with calamitous critical reception.

Before success, failure

This surge of solidarity quickly echoed many other anecdotes from developers. In the same vein, Ashley Rochelle, environmental artist on Aliens: Colonial Marines, also shared son experience : when it was released in 2013, the title received an average of 43 on Metacritic (and a 6/20 at , that is to say). “Yeah, I worked on that game. Working on the Aliens franchise was really fun, even the way it all went.”

Of son side, Nic McConnell, who was part of the Final Fantasy XIV localization team (before Square-Enix perfected son baby with many updates), also adds to it son grain of salt. “Until this year, the only game I was credited for was the version launch of FFXIV. I still loved the time spent on it”he confirms, accompanying son about a capture screen of a test of the game… posting a 4/10.

In general, many other designers have supported Daedelic. On , the average internet user on The Lord of the Rings Gollum is only 7.5/20.

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