Letter bombs hit Dutch businesses ‘in extortion quote’

2 letter bombs blew up on Wednesday at 2 different areas in the Netherlands however no one was harmed in the occurrences, which police blamed on an extortionist who had actually required payment in bitcoin.

Both surges were small, one at an ABN Amro bank mail-sorting office in Amsterdam and the other 225 km (140 miles) away in a mailroom of Japanese electronic devices group Ricoh, authorities stated. No arrests have actually been made.


“The police believe the most likely scenario is that the letter discovered on Wednesday was one of several letter bombs sent to locations across the country,” they stated in a declaration, describing the Amsterdam occurrence.

A worker in the Amsterdam sorting office heard a hissing noise as they will open a letter, city authorities stated. “The employee threw the letter away and there was a small explosion,” they stated on Twitter.

“Payment of bitcoins is required in the extortion letter,” they added.

Holland relabelled: Simply utilize ‘The Netherlands’, states federal government [2:16]

Bitcoin is a digital currency whose payments can be tough to trace.

ABN’s president, Kees Van Dijkhuizen, stated he had actually talked to the staff member who had actually dealt with the letter at the arranging centre on the western borders of Amsterdam.

“Good news is that he is not wounded, bad news of course is that these things happen and that our people have to deal with it,” Dijkhuizen informed reporters.

The second surge, in the southern town of Kerkrade, on the border with Germany, was at the workplaces of Ricoh.

“Thankfully there were no injuries, but those involved are of course very shocked,” Ricoh stated in a declaration. The blast triggered the center and some damage was closed for forensic analysis, authorities stated.

A 3rd believed letter bomb discovered at an ABN Amro branch in the southern city of Maastricht later on ended up not to include dynamites however a computer mouse, authorities stated.

Dutch authorities have actually been examining a wave of letter bombs because January 3, which they stated appeared to have actually been sent out by the exact same individual in December and January. The previous letter bombs were all obstructed prior to they might go off.

Previous targets have actually consisted of a hotel, a filling station, a garage, a realty representative and a costs collection service.

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