LevelK Obtains Swedish Erotic Drama ‘The Schoolmaster Games’ (SPECIAL)

LevelK has actually gotten Swedish erotic queer drama “The Schoolmaster Games,” a movie adjustment of Kristofer Folkhammar’s popular book “Magisterlekarna,” which has really just participated in production.

Made up and directed by first- time director Ylva Forner, the bold movie is set at the St Sebastian Academy, an all-male school where homosexuality is the standard.

The helmer explained “The Schoolmaster Games” as a “melodrama for the 2020 s.” “In a universe influenced by high school movies and 90 s young boy bands, pulsating with burning desires, we narrate of hierarchies and class structure that has actually been destroyed and reconstructed again,” mentioned Forner.

Forner added that the setting of “The Schoolmaster Games” is “heightened and playfully camp, but as the story deciphers, the movie’s unique Academy becomes a mirror of our daily world and turns into a conversation about the deep universal desire to belong to something– someone– and to be enjoyed for who you really are.”

The movie is headlined by a young cast of up- and-coming stars, consisting of Christian Arnold (” Your Home That Jack Constructed”) and Johan Ehn (” Alena”).

Forner, who is similarly a starlet, formerly made up and directed 5 quick movies and was given the SWEA Los Angeles Movie Scholarship in2009 Forner has actually worked in the movie market as head of production at Sweden’s radio production business filt AB, and as a senior manufacturer at the production business Movie and Inform.
The movie is moneyed by the Swedish Movie Institute and SVT within the Moving Sweden strategy. “The Schoolmaster Games” began shooting on Monday.

LevelK’s existing sales slate similarly consists of Jub Clerc’s introducing feature “Sweet As,” a coming-of- age tale about a 15- year- old Native woman.

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