Technology Lexus had its European style group picture lorries for...

Lexus had its European style group picture lorries for moon mobility


Are we sure it’s not made from cheese?–.

The designs were welcomed by the art and fashion publication Document Journal.

Jonathan M. Gitlin


  • Lexus Lunar, by Yung Presciutti, is explained therefore: “Lexus Lunar is a massive transportation vehicle developed to check out and discover the moon safely. The vehicle is divided into two parts: the bottom includes a platform with 6 rugged wheels to give the liberty to go anywhere you desire. The upper part holds the living location. The two elements of the car can be also divided, with the upper portion separating to create the start of a lunar colony.”


  • The Lexus Moon Racer, also by Yung Presciutti, is my favorite of the ideas. I do not believe it needs to be structured for an airless rock.


  • Keisuke Matsuno designed the Lexus Lunar Cruiser. The description checks out “‘ Lunar Cruiser’ is a multipurpose car for land and sky use on the moon.


  • Karl Dujardin created Zero Gravity. I think it wouldn’t watch out of place on Naboo; it has that sophisticated aesthetic to it.


  • The blurb from Lexus states the idea “represents the Lexus future through reinterpretation of the signature spindle type.


  • More Absolutely no Gravity details


  • Are you hearing prog rock? I’m hearing prog rock.


  • Julien Marie’s Bouncing Moon Roller. This one appears like it might be enjoyable to roll throughout the moon’s surface area in.


  • Another Yung Presciutti style, this one’s called the Lexus Lunar Mission.


  • There’s Jean-Baptiste Henry’s Lexus Universe.


  • Lexus states that it is “a transportation idea created for both space and the lunar surface, the Lexus Universe includes a fully toned glass shape that functions as a massive observatory to not only take pleasure in the view, however also check out the low gravity phenomenon. With a rear cockpit that stresses the driving feel and a front portion devoted to reflection, the idea was to create a new luxury and special experience for the future.


  • I think this concept would be at home in an Iain M. Banks novel.


  • Travelers drift inside the Lexus Universe.


  • The Lexus LF-30 is the brand’s idea of a battery EV a decade from now.


Obviously my interest was going to be stimulated by an e-mail from Lexus consisting of a lot of design sketches from ED 2, its European Advanced Style Studio thinking about what we might drive on the moon.

The styles– 7 in overall– were produced by the style studio for an art and style publication called Document Journal, which invited a variety of designers to envision what life might be like on the moon. In Lexus’ case, the motivation was the company’s current LF-30 concept vehicle; you might remember if from our coverage of in 2015’s LA Automobile Show.

” When Document Journal approached us about the Lunar Design Portfolio, our group was working on the LF-30 Idea, which represents the “Lexus Electrified” futuristic vision for Lexus. The style group was already looking beyond near-term production and ahead to how sophisticated innovation will alter the method we interact with cars,” said Ian Cartabiano, President of ED 2 “The lunar task came at the right time, half way through the LF-30 development. It provided the team an opportunity to dream even more out, and after that use a few of the design language from the LF- 30 interior to their lunar proposals.”

The six-wheeled Lexus Lunar is possibly the most convenient design I might picture cruising around on the Sea of Harmony and better incorporates Lexus’ hourglass-shaped grille than any of the OEM’s present road automobiles. The Lexus Moon Racer and Lexus Lunar Cruiser are both four-wheeled vehicles; one a sleek pod with hexagonally faceted tires, the other is able to rotate its tires by 90 degrees “to fly like a drone,” which is puzzling because of the wheels are implied to become lift rotors then surely that would need some sort of environment to work.

Things begin getting a little weirder with Zero Gravity, a hover bike that would not keep an eye out of place on Naboo. The Bouncing Moon Roller looks a bit like those pods from among the recent Jurassic Park movies, with a gyroscopic cell safeguarded by a “flexible graphene nanotube-based bubble.” Then there’s the Lexus Lunar Objective, which is a flying vehicle that feels the most phoned-in, and finally the Lexus Cosmos, which might be most in your home on the planet( s) of Iain M. Banks.

Noting image by Lexus

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