Libya expects its oil production to decline by 90,000 barrels per day due to maintenance work

The Libyan National Oil Corporation press office said Waha Oil Company will carry out maintenance operations on an oil pipeline starting today, Wednesday, which will lead to a reduction in production of 90,000 barrels per day for a week.

He added that the oasis’s oil production before the maintenance work began was 286,000 barrels per day.

Since Libya resumed its oil production and export process on September 17, the country has achieved production rates record and revenues from the sale of oil and gas, which last October were over two billion dollars.

The National Oil Corporation gave the via free on Monday at the start of production at the Al-Khair oil field, which is affiliated with the Sirte Oil and Gas Production and Processing Company.

The Sirte Oil and Gas Production and Processing Company recently revealed that the results of operational experiments conducted to examine production processes and evaluate performance in the Al-Khair field are encouraging.

The Sirte Company for the production and processing of oil and gas was established in 1981 and is affiliated with the National Oil Corporation and is located in Marsa Al Brega in the east of the country.

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