Libya . Revocation of the state of force majeure on exports of 3 oil fields

After a “forced” shutdown lasting 3 weeks, the National Oil Corporation in Libya reported on Tuesday in a message to traders that they have lifted the force majeure status on crude oil exports from El-Fil, El-Sharara and El-Campi Wafa.

This came after 4 oil fields in southwestern Libya were reopened after a 3-week “force” closure by oil plant guards.

The fields have been opened in following the success of the negotiations between the guards and the government authorities, who promised them to respond to their requests.

Losing more than 300,000 barrels a day

Interestingly, members of the Organization for the Protection of Oil Facilities last December shut down the production of four major oil and gas production fields, which are Al-Sharara, Al-Feel, Al-Wafa and Al Hamada, which led to a loss of over 300,000 barrels per day, according to a statement from the National Oil Corporation. .

At that moment, Libyan oil minister Mohamed Aoun discussed the recent closures of some oil fields with the head of the Petroleum Facilities Guard, urging protesters to prioritize the public interest.

cut production

Interestingly, the outage, which began in Hariga in January, contributed to the drop in Libyan oil production, as the Sarir field was closed due to a ban on entry and exit from it.

Libyan oil production was recovered at the time at around 1.25 million barrels per day, after repairing a major pipeline, as efforts continued to end the strike that hampered exports. in 3 ports in the country.

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