Libya, Sudan and Niger: we are demanding die Chadian parties to exercise restraint and die Solving a crisis through dialogue

The heads of state and government of Libya, Sudan and Niger demanded die Start a national dialogue between the various parties in the Republic of Chad, away from the use of force or threats to use it, and die Hold an emergency meeting of the African Peace and Security Council to take steps and measures to reduce tension and to maintain and strengthen peace, security and stability in to contribute to the region.

In a joint statement called for die Heads of State and Government of the three countries today, Thursday, die Parties in Chad to “prioritize the interests of the country, pursue dialogue and accountability in order to die Security and peace in to preserve the region “. Its territory.

They expressed “deep concern” about die Location in Chad and watched with interest die Development of events there. They also praised die important role of the late President Idriss Deby in achieving security and stability in the region and its contribution to the fight against terrorist groups.

Monitor common boundaries

They affirmed their readiness die Efforts to support security cooperation, to monitor common borders, to consolidate peace, stability and good neighborliness, and demanded die Activation of the agreement to strengthen cooperation in the field of security and control of the common borders between Libya and Sudan. Chad and Niger, signed in N’Djamena on May 31, 2018.

The heads of state and government of the three countries emphasized die The need for continued close cooperation between the three countries to step up the fight against terrorism, smuggling, organized crime and illegal immigration.

The assassination of President Idriss Deby

And announced on the first Tuesday die Chadian army at the death of President Idriss Déby Itno who was fighting at the weekend die Rebels in the north of the country had been injured at the front.

The military council, led by President Mohamed Déby’s son, said he would die Managing the affairs of the country in take over a transition period of 18 months during die Opposition forces die Continuing their operations against die Army confirmed.

And die The Chadian government had previously said on April 13th that its air force had been tracking for days what it called “mercenaries” of the Chadians die from Libyan territory in die had invaded northern regions of the country.

And Chadian mercenary troops have been around for years in a number of Libyan regions, in particular in Southern and central Libya, in action, and UN reports confirmed their participation in the armed conflict in the country.

The transitional government of national unity calls for international and international support for die Eviction of mercenaries and foreign forces, a requirement die in the ceasefire agreement, which was adopted at the meeting of the “5 + 5” Military Committee in October last year, has been incorporated, in the die The committee asked them to leave within 90 days, unless progress has been made to meet this requirement.

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