Libyan consultations and expectations on the announcement of a new government

There via Libyan is in waiting for the results of the consultations in course among the political bodies in the period in course, which the sources indicate as the most positive in terms of consensus on the prospective path. According to parliamentary sources, the Constitutional Committee made up of members of Parliament and the Supreme State Council will meet next week in Libya to resume the discussion on controversial issues and completing the hosted consultations in precedence from Cairo, in important steps have been achieved, as members agreed to more than 90% of the constitutional rule, and sources indicated possible meetings that Cairo could host for committee members to approve the constitutional rule.
According to previous statements by Sputnik, the UN envoy is likely in Libya, Abdullah Batili, will announce in at a later stage a new road map, which provides for the formation of a new government by the Presidential Council, to be approved by Parliament, as well as setting a date for holding elections during the year 2023.