Libyan oil … Production levels are normal despite the threat to stop exports

Engineers from Libya’s Sidra and Zueitina oil terminals said on Saturday that production levels are normal, despite an announcement by a group calling itself residents of the Oil Crescent region that it is blocking exports.

The group said in a letter In the video, in front of an oil plant, one of his requests is for the head of the National Corporation to leave Mustafa Sanalla oil location.

The suspension of oil production or export reduced Libya’s natural production, estimated in 1.3 million barrels a day at times in certain fields or ports, but also on a larger scale.

Allied forces in the Libyan National Army blocked oil exports for months last year.

Last week, the interim government’s oil minister said he had suspended Sanalla, the last step in a dispute over the control of the energy sector. But Sanalla refused the move.

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